David Byrne

David Byrne at the Santa Barbara Bowl

David Byrne performed at the Santa Barbara Bowl on Aug. 24. The Talking Heads king pin, famous for his past oversized suit, began the show with an oversized pink brain sitting on a table with the background sound of birds chirping. He comes out, alone, with a classic gray suit, this one fitting better than the one he wore in the days of Talking Heads. Byrne starts off sitting at a table holding the brain, while slowly the rest of the musicians and dancers weave through the grey beaded curtain surrounding the stage, as they join him.

David Byrne band included 11 musicians; two dancer-singers Chris Giarmo and Tendayi Kuumba, bass player Bobby Wooten, guitar player Angie Swan and Karl Mansfield on Keyboard. The rest were percussionists Gustavo Di Dalva, Daniel Freedman, Aaron Johnson, Tim Kieper, Mario Refosco and Davi Vieira. The group faced opposite directions or at perpendicular angles, and performed a robotic reinterpretation dance, to the song “I dance like this because it feels so damn good.”

Opening for David Byrne were the French, through of Cuba and Venezuela, twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz. They go by the name of Ibeyi, which translates to “twin” in the Nigerian language Yoruba. Ibeyi’s sound was upbeat, jazzy / blues, singing in English, French, Spanish and Yoruba.

I Zimbra
(Talking Heads song)
Slippery People
(Talking Heads song)
I Should Watch TV
(David Byrne & St. Vincent cover)
Dog's Mind
Everybody's Coming to My House
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
(Talking Heads song)
Once in a Lifetime
(Talking Heads song)
Doing the Right Thing
Toe Jam
(Brighton Port Authority cover)
I Dance Like This
Every Day Is a Miracle
Like Humans Do
(Talking Heads song)
Burning Down the House
(Talking Heads song)

Dancing Together
The Great Curve
(Talking Heads song)

Encore 2:
Hell You Talmbout
(Janelle Monáe cover)

Photos by Thomas Long