Scorpions at The Forum in Inglewood, CA

Hard-rock pioneers Scorpions and thrash-metal titans Megadeth stopped at The Forum on Saturday, Oct 7. Scorpions came to the Forum in 2015 on their 50th anniversary tour with Queensryche and are back once again rocking arenas worldwide on their Crazy World Tour with Megadeth. Unfortunately, the rest of the U.S. tour after Los Angeles was cut short due to lead vocalist, Klaus Meine, having sever laryngitis and a top throat specialist advising him to rest his voice to prevent permanent vocal damage. The night before news got out, no one would have ever guessed Meine was ill as he sang flawlessly and gave it 100% the whole show.

The show kicked off with Megadeth playing a 11-song set. Founding members Dave Mustaine (vocals guitar) and David Ellefson (bass) played with the band's newest members, lead guitarist Kiko Loureiro and drummer Dirk Verbeuren, who joined in 2015 and 2016. Megadeth started their set with one of their biggest songs “Hangar 18.” Their set included “Sweating Bullets,” “Symphony of Destruction,” “Peace Sells,” and a one song encore of “Holy Wars… The Punishment Is Due.”

Scorpions hit the stage like lightning as the onstage fog cleared and revealed the band. Their massive stage was thrust style and had a giant drum riser and screens top to bottom. Scorpions played a total of 17 songs, kicking off their set with “Going Out with a Bang.” For having played a farewell tour 5 years ago, Scorpions remain at the top of their game and sound better than ever, still running up and down the stage. For 3rd song “The Zoo,” Meine picked up several drumsticks to play cowbell with and tossed them out to the audience throughout the song. The show also included an acoustic medley of “Always Somewhere,” “Eye of the Storm,” and “Send Me an Angel.” During “Eye of the Storm,” a giant disco ball dropped down. Following the end of the acoustic set, the band played “Wind of Change.”

To feature their new drummer, Mikkey Dee (Formerly Motorhead), Scorpions played a cover of Motorhead’s “Overkill” as a photo slideshow of Motorhead’s founder Lemmy Kilmister appeared on screen. “Overkill,” led into a drum solo where Dee’s drum riser, which was already high above the stage, rose up and came back down for the end of the solo. Following the drum solo was two of their biggest hits “Blackout,” and “Big City Nights,” before a three-song encore of even more hits. The encore consisted of “No One Like You,” “Still Loving You,” and “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” With recent hurricanes around the world, Meine talked to the audience about how they can donate to relief efforts before “Still Loving You,” a number to make a donation displayed on screen throughout the song. The Scorpions continually show why they’re one of the best hard-rock bands with their groundbreaking performances.

Photos by Alex Kluft