5 Cool New Products from the NAMM Show

NAMM 2024 was very well attended with over 65,000 people in attendance over four days. The vibe and energy level were in my opinion significantly up over last year’s show. Here are just a few of the cool products I was able to check out:

Universal Audio Lion Super Lead Pedal

Built on a powerful dual‑engine processor and world‑class UAD modeling, Universal Audio’s flagship Lion ‘68 Super Lead Amp Emulator delivers the unmistakable tones of three distinct 100‑watt Marshall "plexi" amplifier setups and is the latest addition to the companies “amp in a pedal” product range. With the flip of its model switch, Lion '68 gives guitarists access to the same tones that fueled decades of artists including Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, and Van Halen. The Universal Audio Lion Super Lead Pedal can take players from gorgeous cleans, to aggressive breakup, to full on hot‑rodded roar. The perfect front end to your pedal board or recording rig, the Lion ‘68 Super Lead Amp Emulator has more than enough onboard gain to allow you leave your amp at home and go direct to front of house as well as makes a great virtual guitar amp for tracking hyper-realistic guitar parts in your home studio. The Universal Audio Lion Super Lead Pedal is available now for $399.00 MAP

Find out more at: https://www.uaudio.com/guitar-pedals/lion-68-super-lead-amp.html

LiberaToe Modular multi effects Platform series

The LiberaToe-6 platform is a complete analog multi-effects modular solution for both guitar and bass players. The new LiberaToe Modular multi effects Platform series replaces complex pedalboards with a flexible compact system.  LiberaToe offers a full range of analog circuit-based modules covering overdrive, modulation, reverb and delay effects that can be plugged in freely and interchangeably in the available 4 or 6 slots Platform Chassis, each of which supports a single or dual channels. Easy-to-use routing modes enables each module or pedal to work as a dual channel pedal individually, of can be combined in various combinations as a programmable unit. Each preset within the LiberaToe platform system can be edited to control the slots/loops and its channels independently, as well as provides for a built-in buffer, frequency enhancer, and an external effects loop. Signal paths also can be changed dynamically by each preset on the spot.

Full pricing and specs for all of LiberaToe’s products are available at: https://www.liberatoe.com/

Mackie Showbox

Mackie’s new Showbox has the most comprehensive feature set in a portable PA I’ve ever seen. Voiced for Guitar and vocals, Mackie’s Showbox has no less than five inputs and six effects engines. The Mackie Showbox is battery powered and features a breakaway mix control panel that can be mounted on a mic stand for easy access while performing. In addition to connection points for your inputs and outputs, the Mackie Showbox rear panel shows battery charge status, on board micro-SD card recording capability for on-the-fly capture of your performances, multiple external effects loops for connecting pedals and a footswitch input for triggering external effects. You also get Bluetooth input, headphone output and an XLR Mix out for connecting to another speaker or front of house as required. The breakaway mixer panel (which is connected to the Mackie Showbox via a standard ethernet cable) gives you comprehensive control over your stage mix including level controls for mics and instruments, multiple effects, as well as a separate three band EQ and available compression on each channel. The Mackie Showbox is available now for $799.99.  

You can find out more at: https://mackie.com/en/products/battery-powered/live_sound/showbox.html

Two Notes Engineering Genome adaptive channel strip

Launched at NAMM 2024, Genome from Two Notes Engineering is a new software application replacing the companies Torpedo “wall of sound” IR loader App. Over five years in development, Genome is a complete, next generation tonal ecosystem for guitar and bass players that can be used as your primary Guitar plug-in or used as a stand-alone App. Genome gives you a full range of virtual amps, effects studio processing you can incorporate into your presets. Genome incorporates Two Notes DynIR™ Cabinet & PEDAL Engines and includes twelve amplifier models and seventeen studio effects as well hundreds of amp profiles to get you started.  Genome’s user interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use and is designed to allow you control all aspects of your tone stack. Two Notes Genome adaptive channel strip Genome is designed to be a future proof platform positioned for next generation growth. Two Notes Engineering Genome adaptive channel strip is available now for $79.

Find out more at: https://www.two-notes.com/en/genome/

IK Multimedia Pianoverse

IK Multimedia’s Pianoverse. Pianoverse is a virtual software instrument that lets you play some of the world’s finest concert grade pianos with inspiring, cinematic effects. You can choose from a series of eight world class instruments, each of which is based on a meticulously sampled recreation of the real piano. IK Multimedia’s Pianoverse unlike other virtual Piano instruments is designed to be as much of a live performance instrument as well as a comprehensive studio tool. IK Multimedia’s Pianoverse world class piano instruments are generated by AI assisted sampling all which sound highly realistic. Pianoverse features generative sound spaces that are acoustically accurate and provide a platform for great live virtual piano performances. OK Multimedia’s Pianoverse virtual Piano Instruments are available for purchase individually or you can get access to all of them by subscription. 

Pricing and more information is available at: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/pianoverse/index.php?p=pianos