11e1ven seeking Marketing Director


The Director of Marketing will work directly with management, venues and booking teams to oversee detailed promotional and advertising plans for individual shows and tours, record releases and other events. Position is also responsible for overseeing all digital platforms and social media for our artist roster. This position will develop new strategies for existing events by analyzing statistics, acquiring and analyzing data, market development, and consulting with internal and external teams. The Director of Marketing will have experience in a fast-paced environment working with consumer insights to inform marketing plans. The Director of Marketing will be an expert in leading development of marketing plans and briefs in order to inform senior leadership and supervise a team of fellow colleagues to execute marketing strategies.


Detailed Job Description/Responsibilities:

  • Develop and oversee powerful marketing plans and systems for unique and growing roster of artists.

  • Intelligently and effectively execute strategies with artists, management, booking agents and label teams.

  • Research and discover the artists’ points of view to help find, develop and grow their fan bases.

  • Build and execute digital marketing plans, including but not limited to social marketing, third party promotions, contests, and email/mobile marketing campaigns.

  • Brainstorm and create new and exciting online content (exclusive video content, artist journals, photo galleries, etc.) for artists to drive traffic and subscribers.

  • Oversee social media editorial calendar creation and execution, promote content through online channels.

  • Provide focused, hands on, day-to-day attention to artists and managers

  • Coordinate with label, publicity staff and venues ensuring stakeholders have assets and information prior to shows, tours, releases etc.

  • Work closely with booking agents and their marketing teams to determine budgets and marketing plans for shows and tours.

  • Review and provide insight on all ad plans for tours, festivals and one off shows.

  • Oversee the creation of advertising materials and executing plans, develop relationships with creatives

  • Approve radio spots, art, posters, and banners with official graphics with management and promo teams.

  • Coordinate with PR agencies and record labels on press releases and manage day of show press guest lists.

  • Follow up with media outlets and artist management on additional marketing opportunities to increase ticket sales. Liaise with media, venues, vendors, label and artists management.

  • Organize and submit ticket holds for promotions, media and artist management to the ticketing department. May be responsible for requesting daily ticket counts from our booking agents.

  • Develop and deliver campaign recaps, updates and brand reporting with accuracy and in a timely manner with insights and recommendations for future execution.

  • Analyze and make recommendations for potential strategic partner relationships for brands and promotions.

  • Build and maintain artist email marketing campaigns as well as email lists, databases, files and other assets for the department.


Required Competencies/Skills:

  • A minimum of 3 years working in the music or creative industries

  • Excellent organizational ability with understanding of digital asset management

  • Strong understanding of all social media existing and emerging platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.)

  • Strong ability to prioritize workflow

  • Deep understanding of the music industry and artist demographics

  • Creative marketing ideas and unique understanding of viral marketing

  • Working knowledge of interactive technologies and communication tools including email and project management tools

  • Basic working knowledge of popular graphic design applications including Photoshop, InDesign, ImageReady and Illustrator

  • Ability to manage multiple deadlines and urgent tasks

  • Excellent verbal and writing skills

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Ability to function in a very fast-moving environment; quick reaction time to last minute changes

  • Must be able to think proactively and, at times, work with minimal supervision

  • Paid Search (Google Ads – Text, Video & Shopping)

  • Digital advertising (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Toneden)

  • Digital Marketing analytics and response analysis

  • Email Marketing

  • Knowledge of media buying, negotiating and documenting agreements


Special Requirements/Preferences:

  • Project management

  • Digital and traditional marketing experience, 2 to 3 years

  • Experience working directly with artists on social media or other digital campaigns

  • Computer skills: Photoshop, basic html, analytics tools, email and other marketing tools

  • Respect and understanding of the unique artistic creative process



To apply visit: 11e1evengroup.com/careers-1/blog-post-title-one-36jae