Ziggy Marley - New Music in Seasons of the Spirit

MC: Have you heard the theory that islands hold more spiritual energy because they are surrounded by water?
Marley: No, but that is interesting and it makes some sense. Jamaica is an island, and it is a very spiritual place with spiritual people.

MC: Do you spend time in Jamaica now?

MC: While there is technology evident on the new record, the instruments chosen are very true to classic reggae––guitars, bass, drums, vocals and horns.
Marley: There are certain choices made with mics, but for me it’s a Stratocaster and a Twin Reverb, and a Gibson for some of the fatter sounds. But I like the Strat; I am very comfortable with that guitar.

Ziggy Marley June 2016

MC: To prepare for touring, do you work with a voice coach or do specific exercises?
Marley: I sing every day to get the muscle ready. That’s what I do.

MC: With a record label, writing children’s books, a line of Marley products and other endeavors, how do you find the time to work on all of your projects?
Marley: (laughs) Time finds me—I don’t find time. It’s the season. Everything has a season. My writing has a season. When it’s time to write songs, it happens, and I know then it’s time to do an album. I am not continuously out there. I wait on the moment that things come to me, if it’s a book, music, whatever. When the inspiration comes is when it’s time.

MC: What do you want to happen with this record?
Marley: I want to reach more people, those who haven’t heard it yet; to take the music to other places, to expand, to take it beyond. It’s all about the message. The more people who can hear it the better for me, the better for the world and the better for humanity. That’s how I feel about this record––that people need this message.

MC: Thanks, Ziggy. We get it.
Marley: I hope people get it. Thank you, brother.

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