Women's Audio Mission Receives Funding from Imagine Dragons Bassist Ben McKee

Women’s Audio Mission (WAM), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of women and gender-expansive individuals in music production and the recording arts, was honored that its professional studio in San Francisco and its work to diversify the people making the sounds you hear every day is being praised by Imagine Dragons bassist, Ben McKee. 

McKee, an outspoken activist on social media, came to WAM’s San Francisco studios and was inspired to make a video, sharing his experiences in the studio and why WAM’s mission is important.

“In all the years I’ve spent recording in studios all around the world with the band, we’ve noticed that there is an incredible lack of gender-diversity in the rooms that we’re recording in,” Ben said. 

“The people that are engineering the recording sessions that you hear, or podcasts, or music - less than 5% of those people are female or gender-diverse and WAM is working to change that.” - Ben McKee

WAM is raising funds to support its youth programs, studio artist residencies, and internships, and aims to reach $200,000 by January 1, 2023. 

“At a time when women and gender-expansive people are under threat, it's a perfect time for WAM to celebrate them and diversity in music. WAM aims to address the root causes of gender disparity in the industry, and we’re lucky to have the support of industry professionals like Ben McKee to help us make this change possible,” said Carol Varney, Women’s Audio Mission’s Interim Director of Strategy and Development.