Wild Belle

Wild Belle Continues to Win Over Fans

Wild Belle, featuring vocalist Natalie Bergman and brother Elliot Bergman, keyboards, and vocals, find themselves on the doorstep of stardom.

Winding down their sold-out club tour in support of their latest album release, Everybody One of a Kind, they performed on Friday night for a packed house at The Lodge here in Los Angeles. Merging elements of rock, jazz, reggae and pop, Wild Belle performed a high-octane seventy-five minute set featuring selections off their latest release.

Natalie Bergman was the star of the evening. Dressed in one of her signature erotic outfits, reminiscent of Madonna, Bergman had total command of the stage and the crowd exhibiting, an intoxicating charm and charisma that could very well earn her a place as one rock and rolls premier female vocalist. If you haven’t heard of Wild Belle you will!

Look for Wild Belle to return to the road in late spring and through the fall performing select dates with Incubus and Beck.

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