Waves Audio Releases Magma Tube Channel Strip Plugin

Waves Audio, a leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, is expanding its custom-shop Magma series with the release of the Waves Magma Tube Channel Strip plugin, the third plugin in the series.

The Magma Channel is modeled on the detailed circuit behavior of carefully selected vintage valve tube hardware, using the same Waves True Valve Modeling technology that was utilized to create the massively successful Waves BB Tubes plugin.

With the Waves Magma Tube Channel Strip, you can sculpt your tracks with the authentic, rich, textured analog tube Magma sound—now available in a full channel strip covering your most crucial mixing needs: compression/gating, EQ and saturation. This plugin is built for speed with just a few no-nonsense knobs for drive/saturation; EQ lows, mids and highs; compression; and expansion/gating – each knob carefully designed to hit a sweet spot no matter where you turn it.

The Magma Tube Channel Strip is perfect for any vocal, instrument, or bus. As GRAMMY®-winning mix engineer Jacquire King says, “Whatever you run through it, it just sounds better!”

With the Waves Magma Tubes Channel Strip, you can stay focused on your creative vision and nail your sound quickly, with analog texture and tone on any track. The Magma Tube Channel Strip plugin is included in these Waves bundles: MercuryPro Show and SD7 Pro Show.

To learn more, visit waves.com/plugins/magma-tube-channel-strip.