Watch: Nile Rodgers Surprises Trio Say She She

Named after Nile Rodgers — NYC disco-funk trio Say She She (a play on C'est Chic!) — have spent the last year making waves for their discodelic inspirations, reimagining the gritty funk of 70’s NYC and the ecstasy of global disco into something completely fresh.

And as it turns out, their namesake himself is a fan. On a recent CBS Mornings appearance, Nile Rodgers made a special a cameo in the episode to share his admiration for the group. 

Says Nile: “I know all about them! I wish Say She She all the success in the world, one because I think it’s cool that they’re influenced by us, but also because I think it’s cool they’re doing it in such an organic way. I would love to be surpassed by them.” 

Watch the full segment here: https://www.cbsnews.com/video/say-she-she-surprised-by-chics-nile-rodgers-who-inspired-the-bands-unique-discodelic-sound/