Warren Huart and CJ Vanston Produce Like a Pro

Warren Huart and CJ Vanston Talk Production and Songwriting in "Produce Like a Pro"

Producer, film composer, keyboardist and writer CJ Vanston (Spinal Tap, Toto, Ringo Starr) has teamed up with notable producer-engineer and Warren Huart (Aerosmith, Ace Frehley, the Fray) to release an informative video pertaining to record production and songwriting through Huart’s YouTube series Produce Like A Pro.

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In this 1 hour 17 minute interview filmed at Vanston’s studio, Vanston tells viewers how he worked his way up in the industry and points out the skills he believes are essential to be successful. He shares many insider stories about Spinal Tap, Joe Cocker, Jeff Beck and Carol King, but most importantly, he elaborates on his approach to composing and record production.

Vanston also shares tips and tricks that he picked up by working alongside top producers, writers and engineers in the industry--from Al Schmitt to Barbara Streisand--and provides tips on how to work with bands and artists to produce the best records possible.

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He comments, “The job of a producer is to create a vibe and a safe environment where you are not afraid to f*ck up. That’s where the music grows.

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