Vinyl Minded: Bebe Rexha, Team Sleep, and Dead By Sunrise

Bebe Rexha

All Your Fault, Pt. 1 & 2 (Warner Records)

Limited Edition, baby blue LP

As we bask in Bebe Rexha's stellar Coachella performances, it's nice that we can also wallow in this Record Store Day reissue of the All Your Fault EPs, Parts 1 & 2, compiled onto one LP for the first time. Originally released in 2017 (February and then August), Rexha has dropped three albums in the years since, but the EPs absolutely warrant a revisit.

The two EPs saw some moderate success back in 2017, but given the fact that her star has risen since then, one has to assume that they get more love in 2024. They should; from the opening title track, Rexha's sultry charisma shines through, as does her ability to create a melody that slow-burns its way into your consciousness and stays there.

"Atmosphere" is a banger, and her collabs are cleverly chosen. On "F.F.F." ("Fuck Fake Friends"), G-Eazy adds some killer lines. Ty Dolla Sign has the honor on "Bad B*tch." Meanwhile, Rexha admits that she can't sing like Whitney but she just wants to "dance with somebody" on the celebratory "The Way I Are," with help from Lil Wayne. Rexha needn't worry, her voice is perfect for these songs. She certainly holds her own with the Florida Georgia Line on "Meant to Be."

It all closes with a superb remix of "I Got You" by Cheat Codes. Meanwhile, the sleeve has the Pt. 1 art on the front and 2 on the back. The baby blue vinyl is lovely, and the lyrics sheet is a great touch.

Team Sleep

Team Sleep (Reprise/Warner)

Limited edition gold 2LP

This too is getting a vinyl release for the first time. Originally released in 2005 (19 years ago? Where the hell does time go?), Team Sleep was a project that featured the talents of Deftones' Chino Moreno, as well as DJ CrookOne, Zach Hill, Todd Wilkinson, Rob Crow, Rick Verrett, and Mary Timony. The brilliant Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, etc) also pops up on the song "Kool Aide."

The band is currently on hiatus, having split in 2006 and then reconvened for a year in 2014. That said, this self-titled debut remains their one studio album anyway.

Anyone expecting the instant fire of Deftones' early work will likely be disappointed here. That said, if you enjoy the subtleties of White Pony and a lot of what followed, then Team Sleep offers some real gems.

Right from the opening "Ataraxia," we find Moreno at his most contemplative. Devoid of heavy riffing, his voice is allowed to soar. And soar it does!

That's the theme throughout these four sides of vinyl -- chill beats, musical soundscapes, and Moreno's voice coloring it all. If this album did pass people by in 2005, it may do better in 2024 when we're far more used to rock music (if it is) that doesn't feel like it has to smash us round the head. Team Sleep was ahead of its time.

The gatefold vinyl sleeve is wonderful, the art gallery inside full of treats and hints. Meanwhile, the gold vinyl feels appropriately special.

Dead By Sunrise

Out of Ashes (Warner Records)

2LP deluxe edition, translucent black ice vinyl

Like Team Sleep, Dead by Sunrise was a supergroup of sorts. Late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington was joined by Amir Derakh (Orgy, Julian-K, Rough Cutt) and Ryan Shuck (Orgy, Julian-K) plus a rotating cast of friends.

Originally released in 2009, Out of Ashes performed admirably well at the time, reaching #29 on the Billboard main chart (#9 on the alt chart and #5 on the rock chart) -- not bad at all. Hey, in Germany it reached #5 on the main charts.

The album is great, and it's dated extremely well. Devoid of the rap element of the Linkin Park equation, we're allowed to enjoy Bennington's expressive vocals, framed by the delicately dark musicianship and backing vocals of Derakh and Shuck.

The songs bear up, and the live tracks on side four are a treat. Another bonus is the inclusion of "Morning After," a rare b-side. The art looks great on this gatefold, and the translucent black ice vinyl is appropriately gothy.