Vampr Adds Mastering to App With Masterchannel P'ship

Vampr, the #1 social networking app for musicians and creatives, announces their third partnership in a month, with the addition of premiere mastering application, Masterchannel. Vampr members will receive an exclusive discount of 15% off for the service and be able to access Masterchannel directly through the app via a unique landing page. The partnership offers songwriters, producers, and artists a simpler mastering process, while helping to stay on budget, and with an exceptional and professional sounding end product.

“The vibrant Vampr community proves that creatives are more excited than ever about how technology can boost their careers. Now that Vampr has solved networking, Masterchannel will free upcoming artists from the struggle of mastering,” Christian Ringstad Schultz, CEO of Masterchannel shares. “We hope that Vampr users will not only appreciate our simple to use technology, but that they enjoy helping us make it even better over time. This is an exciting journey that can create a win-win situation for everyone."

Affirming that Vampr is the ultimate resource for professional and indie musicians alike, the company has sought out key partnerships to improve the overall experience and opportunities for their users. In addition to their recently announced collaborations with real-time remote DAW application, BeatConnect, and NFT technology platform, Yuser, the CEO and Co-Founder of Vampr, Josh Simons, and his team researched dozens of mastering applications before landing on Masterchannel.

Simons notes, “Mastering is a critical final step in the recording process, which is why we wanted to be diligent in seeking out a company and solution which offered the best combination of price and quality for our users. Masterchannel is easy to navigate, budget-friendly, and will give our artists, producers, and songwriters a premiere finished product. I know we are going to see some fantastic releases from this partnership and I can’t wait to hear the results.”

Vampr was nominated last week for App Developer of the Year at the 2021 App Developer Awards, and earlier in the year raised over $750,000 in equity crowdfunding. Aiming to give creatives all the tools needed to succeed, Vampr members have access to distribution via their Pro platform, sync publishing, and Vamps, which allows users to share images, audio, and video updates with their followers and the world.

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