Up Close: Fab Factory Studios 


Constant Expansion is the Key: From GRAMMY-winning mixer Dave Pensado, British singer Estelle and 50 Cent to SZA, will.i.am to film and TV projects like The Flash and Lord of the Rings, North Hollywood, CA-based Fab Factory Studios is quickly becoming a must-experience, multi-media hub for all sound inspiration. Owned and operated by father and son Steven and Shaun Fabos, the ever-expanding facility was inspired by and founded on the partners’ mutual love for music. Shaun Fabos, the facility’s president, began his career in sound as a Global Reel Award- nominated foley artist at a major post-production house.

Later, while slowly rising up the ranks as a mixing assistant at Larrabee, he envisioned launching his own facility with Steven, a successful businessman in other arenas. Deciding to build a studio from scratch rather than take over a prefabricated facility, they bought a 2,800-square-foot space (formerly a welding facility) and built their initial four room studio. They’ve expanded mightily since their end of 2017 launch, taking over adjacent properties and facilities (including Echo Bar Recording Studios) to reach their current interior size of 40,000 sq. ft.

“Growth is not an easy thing to do,” says Steven, “but the greater volume gives us the ability to offer more services to a larger and diverse clientele. Somewhere in our first three years, we realized that to be successful we would need to be more than a small four room studio, which could only do so much.” 

 Truly “FAB” Multi-faceted Facility: In addition to offering state-of-the-art equipment (including a vintage SSL console in their main recording space, Melody Room A), with the help of dedicated family and friends, Steve and Shaun have cultivated an ever-evolving space designed for maximum creativity and inspiration—both indoors and out. Melody Room A is a fully treated live room with a beautiful 1969 Steinway Model D Grand Piano. Melody Room B (the onetime Echo Bar) is a smaller mix/ production room. Studio A is a Dolby-certified 11.1.6. ATMOS stage, while Studio 1 is a 9.1.4. Dolby ATMOS Reference room that can also be used for recording basic vocal and instrumental tracks. Studios 2-9 are smaller production/mix spaces Fab Factory rents out to individuals and organizations (like writers’ camps and Girls Make Beats). There are also multiple lounges, a content creation studio, large capacity podcast room, a dance studio with fitted sprung floors, indoor and outdoor event spaces, an industrial kitchen and more. The compound also boasts artistic murals and canvas pieces throughout. 

The Overall Aesthetic: Steve and Shaun are thrilled by the way their facility blows away first-time visitors, including iconic artists like Ice Cube and Keith Harris (Black Eyed Peas), who actually told them he would not have set up a new studio in Las Vegas if he had known about Fab Factory. “Many clients have told us how the studio makes them feel, how the overall vibe here inspires them,” says Steve. “Any studio can offer similarly great equipment, but we’re selling an aesthetic, something to help artists create when they are in our unique space.” Shaun adds, “In addition to a one-of-a-kind experience, we’re setting a real tone in how artists create these days.” 

Contact Fab Factory Studios, 818-356-6092