Unsigned Artist: Distant Cousins


Well-recorded and loaded up with buckets of superbusker spirit, this trio’s “Are You Ready” and “On My Way” deliver that organic gust of “Ho Hey” optimism and inspiration that fans of the Mumfords and Lumineers will always value, without the former’s ponderosity. We could easily imagine either tune on a kidflick soundtrack or movie trailer. The band shows a different shade on “Raise It Up,” injecting a subtly harder, garage/blues force on the lead vocal that’s reminiscent of the Black Keys. It, too, is a catchy tune and demonstrates the band’s knack for sonic dynamics in their arrangements. Yes, you’ve heard this booming, banjo-laced sound before, but never better. The performances and the production are top-notch.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/distant_cousins
Seeking: Label
Style: Indie/Folk/Pop