Universal Music Group Needs a A&R Director in Tennessee

How we LEAD:
Responsible for delivering to the label artists and records that compete at the highest level through guiding the creative and development process for assigned CCMG artists. Deliver hit songs that maintain Capitol CMG as market leader and continue to advance our artists to the highest standard of excellence, competitive with modern commercial recordings in the music industry.

How you'll CREATE:
Monitor the recording process to best ensure timely delivery, on budget recordings, artist satisfaction and commercial viability Constantly look for new artists that will appropriately fit within Capitol CMG's current roster, while standing out as unique and individual and maintaining Capitol CMG Label Group's philosophy and criteria for new artists Maintain a professional, consistent, ethical style of operation, operating with integrity within our company, the creative community and with our artists Meet and correspond with potential and existing artists to establish trusted relationships in order to discuss musical and personal vision as well as goals and calling Attend regular A&R, staff, scheduling, promotions, marketing, and creative meetings to ensure strong communication with the entire label team Manage budgetary items effectively and efficiently, to ensure company assets are utilized in accordance with Universal Music Group policy and are aligned with the Capitol CMG and Divisional Strategic Plan Maintain knowledge and awareness of Label Group release schedule and all associated deadlines Collaborate with A&R team to hire the appropriate mastering engineer on each project, collect all pertinent feedback from artists and producers, and ensure the highest possible sonic quality delivery Assist A&R Administration in securing lyrics, writer splits, musician credits and all other necessary label copy for each recording Manage recording process of each artist project according to label deadlines and within label pre-determined budget through mastering and delivery to label and marketing teams Maintain strong relationships with producers, songwriters and other creatives while constantly developing new contacts to expand our record production talent pool Maintain awareness and understanding of modern musical, cultural, technological and production trends to keep our artists, their songs and their production values relevant Maintain strong relationships with managers, radio programmers, promoters, and commercial partners to stay in the loop on new and emerging artists As directed and approved accompany artists on tour dates and appearances for the purpose of encouragement, maintaining healthy relationships, awareness, performance critique and development Provide representation at showcases, competitions and other industry events where new artists are performing and be available to speak at or judge performances at these events when appropriate Other duties and responsibilities as assigned

Bring your VIBE:
An understanding of The Christian music industry The process of song writing General knowledge of studio production Music industry and cultural trends Record consumption data and the ability to scout using various social networking sites Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel Strong relational skills Strong communication skills Strong presentation skills Requires occasional travel College degree preferred Perks Playlist:

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