Travis Scott

Travis Scott at the Forum in Inglewood, CA

Rain or not, fans didn’t let anything stop them from attending the Travis Scott concert on Friday night as part of his "Wish You Were Here Tour" to promote his album, Astroworld. NY rapper Sheck Wes was the first to perform on stage. He hyped up the crowd, throwing water from his bottle, making everyone go crazy, and even starting a small mosh pit. Wes performed many of his songs including "Gmail," "Live Sheck Wes," and "Jiggy on the Shits." His most popular song from his 2018 album Mudboy was "Mo Bamba." With fans singing to every single lyric and not missing a beat, Wes was definitely the crowds “appetizer” as everyone patiently waited for the “main course meal,” Travis to come out.

There was a thirty-minute intermission before Scott performed on stage. Then out of the blue, he hit the stage like an asteroid. The majority of people who attended were young adults excited and thrilled to see Travis Scott perform songs from his most critically acclaimed album, Astroworld. Travis Scott took people on a wild ride with a projector displaying complex visuals. As Travis performed, a projector displayed complex visuals and a giant round roller coaster maneuvered on stage while concert goers hopped on the ride, which took them on a 360-degree loop while they held on for dear life, recording every moment on their cell phones. Travis Scott definitely knows what moves the crowd.

The Astroworld "Wish You Were Here Tour" is chaotically on point. Scott’s music is, above all else, functional, it’s always designed with a large audience in mind. Scott without a doubt, is sensational at what he does, touching the hearts of many fans around the world. At one point Scott gave the shirt off his back to a hysterical fan who knew all the lyrics to his song "Mamacita."

With many hit songs under his belt, and especially with the skyrocketing sales of the Astroworld album, Scott will most certainly be the talk of the town for many months to come. "Stargazing" was a hit song which really got the crowd moving. Scott came out with full force, at one point diving into the crowd of fans. As Scott was going through all of his hit songs including "Can’t Stay," "No Bystanders," "Butterfly Effect," the roller coaster went back and forth just feet above his head as fans rode inside of it. Scott with no question is the nicest guy, he made sure his fans were escorted on stage by security and strapped into their seat belts before the ride went in motion. Scott gives a new meaning to being humble and this is why many of today’s popular artist love working with Travis.

As the audience became restless, a surprise guest walked out on stage. One of the members of the rap-trio Migos, Quavo ran onstage. The two performed the 2016 single "Pick up the Phone". The song definitely jolted the audience, jumping up and down screaming for more. Just seconds later, another member from Migos came out from behind the curtains. Offset, husband of Cardi B, came out with enough energy to send a shock wave across the room. Offset and Travis performed "ZEZE." Everyone including his fans on the roller coaster began to rap to the lyrics.

But to put the icing on the cake, Canadian superstar Drake came out to perform with Travis. It was a surprise for much of the audience, but many diehard fans already predicted Travis bringing out Drake to perform the number one single, "Sicko Mode." To end the night Drake and Scott performed "Like a Light" it was definitely a great song to end the night.

Travis Scott is certainly working his way up to stardom, he’s a great entertainer, a master of ceremonies and a crowd pleaser. His next album, whenever that will be, will surely reproduce the success of Astroworld. Scott no longer just looks the part of a talented artist, but he's now sounding like it too, and his record sales are there to prove it.

Photo credit: Daniel Seyum