This Rockstar-Written Cookbook has Good Food, Good Stories and Good Vibes

Nova Rex Bass player and author, Kenny Wilkerson, has released the “Rockin’ Recipes for Autism” cookbook featuring numerous rock stars personal recipes. The book will benefit “We Rock for Autism,” a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting autism awareness and acceptance as well as providing music therapy and sensory friendly events that promote inclusion. Wilkerson’s experience is personal. His son is on the autism spectrum.

The book features recipes from legendary rock stars from famous bands that include Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Warrant, Poison, Skid Row, Toto and many more.

“Have you ever wanted to have dinner with a rock star? We all have and now you can while benefitting a great cause. We have collected recipes from famous rockers from around the world bringing their favorite meals from on the road or their own kitchens to your table. Some include famous family recipes. We are honored to have worked with so many musicians who shared their recipes with the fans in our new book “Rockin’ Recipes for Austism.” We hope everyone runs out to buy a copy because it benefits autism research and programs. – Kenny Wilkerson, author and bassist for Nova Rex

Fans can order the book at www.RockinRecipesforAutism.com.  The book is a limited run and fans will have the opportunity to purchase while supplies last.

For more information about “Rockin’ Recipes for Autism”, or to order the book, visit us at https://www.rockinrecipesforautism.com/or http://www.werockforautism.org/