Third Eye Blind at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Third Eye Blind's debut album, the band along with Silversun Pickups and Ocean Park Standoff of embarked on the Summer Gods tour which kicked off June 9 in Miami, FL.


The Summer Gods tour came to the Greek Theater Thursday night for a sold out show. Third Eye Blind delivered a very unique show starting on a riser big enough for the whole band behind a black curtain as they played "Weightless," and halfway through strobe lights were going off and the curtain dropped.  For the next 5 songs, Third Eye Blind was playing in low light. On the 4th song, "Wounded" a big eye with a light in the middle rose up. Founding member Stephen Jenkins ended "Shipboard Cook," solo acoustic and told the audience they would return for a 2nd part of the show consisting of their debut album in it's entirety.

Third Eye Blind quickly returned to stage and in big lights above the rise the words Third Eye Blind Appeared. From "Losing A Whole Year" through "Motorcycle Driveby," and a three song encore of "Never Let You Go," from their album Blue, "Alright Caroline," an unreleased song from their debut album, and closed with the final song of their debut album "God Of Wine," the band had the audience on their feat the whole show and brought the magic Jenkins mentioned before the 2nd part started that cannot come from watching their show on social media. The magic Jenkins spoke of really could only be witnessed in person as their show is a one of a kind experience. Every song was a sing along. Although the only members on the debut album are Jenkins and drummer Brad Hargreaves, the album's sound hasn't changed a bit. The show brought many highlights but a few were the audience singing along to the guitar solo of "Jumper" until the band stopped playing and let the audience take over then joined back in,Jenkins trading letting the crowd sing the choruses on "Semi-charmed Life," and the whole show overall beginning to end from playing behind a curtain to a full production show of some of the biggest songs of the late nineties and early 2000's.
Text and Photos by Alex Kluft