The Record Company at The Basement East

The Record Company turned the winter blues into rockin’ blues in Nashville as they filled The Basement East on Wednesday. 

Led by vocalist Chris Vos, the GRAMMY nominated trio is touring in support of their fourth album called, you guessed it: The 4th Album. With Mark Cazorla on drums and Alex Stiff on bass, the small but mighty band covers a lot of sonic ground. 

The Record Company first made a name for themselves with their debut release, Give It Back To You. The album was nominated for Best Contemporary Blues Album at the 2017 GRAMMY Awards and, though it lost, such prestigious recognition set the band up for success. The 4th Album is the group’s first release under a new, indie record label (Round Hill Records) and truly provided them the creative freedom to produce a sound that feels most authentic to them.

Even in the first few songs of the night, it’s instrumental whiplash, but in the best of ways. Vos alternated between an acoustic, electric, lap steel, pedal steel, and harmonica creating a sound so distinctly theirs. He commanded the stage with his signature hype-man hops and had the crowd locked in on his harmonica licks. Stiff and Carzola aren’t to be overlooked, as their synchronicity lays the groundwork for bluesy riffs and adlibs. 

Fans enjoyed well-loved hits such as “Rita Mae Young” and “Off the Ground,” and embraced the new material with open arms. “Dance on Mondays” had the floor shaking and “I Found Heaven (In My Darkest Days)” had even the most lock-kneed folks swaying. 

If there’s one thing that The Record Company gets right, it’s their “roll with it” attitude. Through their ups and downs, from label to label and record to record, they’ve managed to stay true to the spirit. The Roll With It Tour is just our opportunity to tag along.

To learn more and to buy tickets to a show near you, visit https://therecordcompany.net


  1. Life to Fix
  2. Hard Day Coming Down
  3. Patterns
  4. On the Move
  5. Rita Mae Young
  6. Control My Heart Blues
  7. I Found Heaven (In My Darkest Days)
  8. In the Mood For You
  9. Highway Lady
  10. How High
  11. Turn Me Loose
  12. Give it Back to You
  13. Talk to Me
  14. Dance on Mondays
  15. Off the Ground
  16. I’m Getting Better (And I’m Feeling It Right Now)
  17. Tallahassee Lassie