The Boxmasters at the Troubadour

The Boxmasters played the Troubadour Monday (5/22) night with Falling Doves, Derek Vanderhorst, and Fran Moran and the Nervous Wrecks. The Boxmasters are Bad Santa and Amazon TV series Goliath star Billy Bob Thornton (Vocals/Drums) and Grammy winning engineer J.D. Andrew. The live band is guitarist Kirk McKim, bassist Raymond Hardy, and drummer Nick Davidson. The Boxmasters have released almost 15 albums since forming in 2008 with the last six on KeenTone Records. Their most recent album ‘69 was released just 3 weeks ago. From 2010-2015 they took a hiatus while Thornton was working on Jayne Mandfield’s Car. Before the group came out a video was played showing the history of the band. They went on around 10:30 and played until midnight  and played a total of 23 songs. The set opened with “Emily” and included “Jupiter Man,” “I Got a Girl,” and a two song encore of “Time” and “Sylvia’s Mother.” 


  1. Emily 
  2. Jupiter Man
  3. She Looks Like Betty Page
  4. Go Like This
  5. Garage
  6. Science Fiction
  7. I Still Wanna See You
  8. You’ll Never Be Mine
  9. Grace Came Home
  10. Anta Nica
  11. Light Rays
  12. Providence
  13. Chestnut Eyes
  14. Light Of Lenore
  15. Summertime In L.A. Again
  16. That’s Just Me Shakin’
  17. You’re Missing A Heart
  18. I Must’ve Been High
  19. This Game Is Over
  20. I Got a Girl
  21. Island Ave


  1. Time
  2. Sylvia’s Mother
Fran Moran
Derek Vanderhorst