The Audio Engineering Society's Virtual Vienna Convention Being Made Available Worldwide

The Audio Engineers Society is making it's Virtual Vienna convention available for audio engineers worldwide. The event will take place online from June 2-5.

AES Virtual Vienna is a complete online experience. The four day event will include papers, workshops, posters, tech tours and student & career sessions via video presentations with live and forum-based engagement.

Keynote and Heyser Presentations speakers include:

  • Maria Hoeschele - "Audio from a Biological Perspective."
  • Francis Rumsey - "Sound Quality in the Era of Interaction and Extended Reality."
  • Franz Zotter - "Try Ambisonics, It's Better Than Ever!"
  • Jamie Angus - "Dicing with Audio.

Other expert presenters include: Bob Stuart, Kimio Hamasaki, Wolfgang Klippel, Thomas Lund, Nadja Wallaszkovits, Eddy Brixen, Lenise Bent, Jeff Levison, Ulrike Schwarz, Jim Anderson, John Krivit, Jürgen Herre, Joshua Reiss, Toru Kamekawa, Toshihito Hamasaki and Vicki Melchior.

Visit aeseurope.com for more info and to register.