TASCAM Joins Bootsy Collins' Funk Not Fight Campaign

The Bootsy Collins Foundation and Skyboxx/Brothers On A Mission! have formed Funk Not Fight. Collaborating with communities across the United States, Funk Not Fight is active in music festivals, community outreach, mental health counselling, and various youth programs to create Funk Not Fight Safe Space Hubs, such as the one recently launched in Garfield Heights, OH, a suburb of Cleveland. The effort is intended to spread love, hope, and peace through the power of music! To help participants enjoy the music, TASCAM has donated 60 pairs of its popular TH-06 headphones.

To help students enjoy the music, the Bootsy Collins Foundation has been giving the TASCAM TH-06 headphones away to the various organizations they are involved with—such as the Music Will Summit in New York. The first such giveaway of the TASCAM headphones occurred at the Village in Garfield Heights! The headphones were to be used in their Funk Not Fight Safe Hub Studio.

The Bootsy Collins Foundation received the TASCAM headphones in February of this year. Since that time, Bootsy reports the TH-06 headphones are being well received. According to Bootsy, “These headphones are excellent. They provide great audio quality, you can set the volume level exactly where you want it to for comfortable listening, and their terrific fit enables one to focus on the music without distractions. These headphones take you inside the music to get your maximum state of creativity indulged!”