Submit to USA Songwriting Competition

Entries are now accepted for the 26th Annual USA Songwriting Competition. Songwriters and Composers vie for a chance to win a top prize of $50,000 worth of cash and merchandise such as music gear. Winning songs will be receiving radio airplay. Songwriters can enter in 15 different song categories such as: Pop, Rock/Alt, Folk, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Instrumental, etc.

USA Songwriting Competition is sponsored by: Audio-Tecnica, PreSonus, GHS Strings, New Music Weekly, Loggins Promotion, Airplay Access, Acoustic Guitar magazine, Sonoma Wire Works, Sound Theory, FL Studio, Discmakers, School of Rock, Sound Radix, Singer Express, Songcraft, Klevgr, OekSound, Pearl Snap Studios, Berklee College of Music, etc.

Andrew Jannakos (see pictured above) won the top award (Overall Grand Prize) as well as Best Country Song award at the 25th Annual USA Songwriting Competition. Singer-songwriter Andrew Jannakos teamed up with co-writer Michael O'Neal Smith.

“I was so shocked that my song got selected winner of the top prize in the USA Songwriting competition, I hope I can continue to make music that you all enjoy. It’s amazing because I’ve also recently been signed to Sony Music Nashville Records” said Andrew Jannakos.

For more information, visit: songwriting.net