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Submit to Hollywood Music in Media Awards


2022 NOTE: You will see changes in the categories of Music Genre compared to past years. These changes reflect the growth of the HMMA. Music Genre categories (audio only recordings) include styles of compositions meant for placement/licensing in visual mediums and some intended solely for listening enjoyment. These changes are designed to create opportunities for composer libraries and other independent artists looking to license music to film, TV, commercials, trailers, video games and other forms of visual media. Music submissions by indie artists in popular genres (Pop, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Country, World, Holiday, New Age, etc.) will be made to the new Hollywood Independent Music Awards. Submissions for the HIMAwards will open later in 2022 with the first HIMAwards event taking place summer of 2023. HMMA strongly encourages Indie artists to join the HIMAwards Global Network NOW: Register here: https://www.himawards.com/

• Review HMMA Official Rules & Guidelines

• Submissions will only be accepted through this online submissions interface.

Hollywood Music In Media Awards

• Limit one piece of music (one link) per submission.

• Actual music files are NOT accepted, only links to where the music is hosted (Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Dropbox, Media Players, websites, etc) If we need an actual music file, we will send a direct request.

• PLEASE PROVIDE LINKS WITHOUT ADVERTISEMENTS (ads are obstructions to reviewing your music and you don't want that!)

• Nomination selections will be posted in a manner deemed appropriate by HMMA.

• Nominated selections are posted online under the "AWARDS" tab on HMMA website.

• Nominees and special recognition recipients will have access to a complimentary, official online nomination/special recognition certificate PDF for display and promotion.

• Customized high-quality Certificate Plaques can be ordered once nominations are posted on the HMMA website. Certificate plaques can be ordered for any year from 2009 to present. Orders are accepted only by confirmed HMMA nominees.

• Winners and Special Recognition recipients will be announced at the Main Event then posted online thereafter. Under NO circumstance will winners be made known before the award show event.

• You may submit as many times as you wish in multiple categories to increase chances of nomination.

• ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE REVIEWED by the HMMA Selections Committee. Music genre submissions are played a minimum of one minute and a maximum of the entire track. Submissions may be reviewed several times by different committee members to reach a consensus.

• "Music Video" category can be found in the "MUSIC IN VISUAL MEDIA" submission portal.

• NOTE: Some submissions will be held in consideration without announcing selections until closer to the awards show date.

• If a nominated artist can't be at the main event (but really should if possible!) they can still win. Winner selections are not based on main show attendance. Nominees who attend the awards show will have the opportunity to appear on the Red Carpet in front of press & media and/or interviewed & photographed at a specified location at the event venue deemed specifically for nominees.

• Please ensure the accuracy of data entered in the form, as this info will be used to contact you for nomination and award notification if you should win.

ATTENTION INDEPENDENT ARTISTS: Indie Artists can submit to all music genres in the Hollywood Independent Music Awards: www.himawards.com