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DMC presents the complete 2021 DMC World DJ Championships
The pandemic took the world by surprise last year and forced DMC to radically change our plans from live battles to online. We're committing to more events to support DJs and fans in lock-down. For 2021, DMC has organized 8 major DJ championships to keep DJs busy from April through December!
Not only will we premiere one DMC World DJ Championship per month, we will also air a brand new watchalong, for each category, where judges and champions comment live on the competition. Each battle will be pre-produced complete with host, DJ showcases, shout outs and more.
Competitors will not know if they have won until they watch our premiere online with the rest of the World!
Our programming will also feature DJ panels, product workshops presented by our illustrious sponsors, DMC history segments and so much more.
Be sure to follow DMC World on facebook: @dmcdjchamps, youtube: @DMCworldchamps and twitch: @dmconline so you don’t miss anything!
All DMC DJ competitions are free to enter and any DJ, of any age, from anywhere across the World can compete. Visit dmcdjchamps.com to learn more.

4 DMC World battle categories are returning and 4 are debuting for the first time ever!

2021 DMC World Portablist Championship
April 22 - May 29
DJs show off their Scratch skills on portable turntables and vinyl records.
NEW! 2021 DMC World Beat Juggling Championship
May 1 - June 5
Turntablists will re-arrange sounds to create an entirely new composition!
NEW! 2021 DMC World All Vinyl Championship
June 1 - July 10
A purely true school DJ battle experience using vinyl records ONLY.
The DMC World All Vinyl Champion qualifies to the DMC World DJ Finals.
NEW! 2021 DMC World Foundation Championship
July 1 - August 7
This battle is for the DJs who can balance funky flavor with technical skills. DJs will be judged on selection, showmanship, musicality, creativity, originality and composition.
The DMC World Foundation Champion qualifies to the DMC World DJ Finals!
NEW! 2021 DMC World Scratch Championship
August 2 - September 11
A DJ battle dedicated completely to Scratching.
2021 DMC Battle For World Supremacy
September 1st - October 16th
Our classic head to head DJ battle where DJs battle round for round until only one DJ is left standing.
2021 DMC World DJ Team Championship
October 1 - November 6
2, 3 or 4 DJs perform together in unison, like a band but on turntables, creating the most amazing compositions.
2021 DMC World DJ Championship
September 20 - October 25: DMC National DJ Finals
November 1 - December 11: DMC World DJ Finals
Our most legendary battle, the DMC World Finals, established in 1985, will be held online as last year with the DMC National Championships held the month before. Each DMC branch will find their national champion who will represent their country in the DMC World DJ Elimination round.