Styx at O.C. Fair

Styx at the O.C. Fair in Costa Mesa, CA

Styx took over the O.C. Fair on July 24. The show was just a few hours after Tommy Shaw publicly announced the passing of his guitar tech of 20 years, Jimmy Johnson. With a huge loss for the group, the band still managed to play an incredible show, as always! Styx plays Southern California several times throughout the year and always pulls together a great crowd of new fans and ones who have seen the band numerous times like me. Styx’s current line-up includes original guitarist and occasional lead vocalist James ‘JY’ Young, Shaw on guitar and vocals, Todd Sucherman on drums, Ricky Phillips on bass and Lawrence Gowan on keys and vocals. The band has been together for 16 years. Original bassist Chuck Panozzo frequently joins in on several songs throughout each tour, however, he did not appear at this show. Styx released their new album The Mission two years ago. It was the group's first album of new material in 12 years. Since then, the group has incorporated songs from that album along with their usual classics when performing.

Even if Styx played a three-hour show, it still wouldn’t be enough time to play all of their hits as they’ve had sixteen Top 40 hits (eight were Top 10). In their set, Styx played a total of 15 songs. Legendary radio DJ Uncle Joe Benson announced the band. Styx kicked off their set with “Gone Gone Gone” from The Mission. The set included hits “Lady,” “Light Up” and “Crystal Ball.”  Gowan pulled off his best Michael Jackson dance moves during "Rockin’ The Paradise" while wearing an MJ style fedora. Before “Come Sail Away,” Gowan led the audience in a traditional sing-along, which for this tour leads into Queen’s, "Bohemian Rhapsody" to get the audience ready for what was to follow. At the opening night of their tour with Joan Jett last year, Styx played “Mr. Roboto” for the first time ever in its entirety and has had the song in their setlist ever since. Styx ended the show with one of their biggest hits “Renegade,” which Adam Sandler fans will remember from Billy Madison.

Styx has dates booked all the way through Dec. 15.

Set List: 


  1. Gone Gone Gone

  2. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)

  3. The Grand Illusion

  4. Lady

  5. Light Up

  6. Radio Silence

  7. Crystal Ball

  8. Miss America

  9. Fooling Yourself (Angry Young Man)

  10. Rockin’ The Paradise

  11. Too Much Time On My Hands

  12. Khedieve/Bohemian Rhapsody-Gowan solo

  13. Come Sail Away


  1. Mr. Robato

  2. Renegade