Studio Mix: September 2020

FlyLo Gets Some Help from Ocean Way Audio

Last month, Flying Lotus outfitted his L.A. studio with Ocean Way Audio’s HR3.5 monitor system, including dual S18A powered 18” sub woofer cabinets. “For me, the test of a good monitor system is how it sounds on other speakers,” said FlyLo. “The first place I go is out to the car and take a little ride. These monitors sound great in my studio and when I finished a song, I listened in my car and it was perfect.”

Comedian Heidecker Preps Album with Weyes Blood

Typically known as a comedian, Tim Heidecker is shifting gears and putting together an album called Fear of Death, which has been called “a Serious Album about Serious Topics” to ensure listeners that it isn’t comedy. He recently held a recording session at Valentine Recording Studio in L.A. to lay down tracks with help from psychedelic folk artist Weyes Blood and a small crew of talented artists. Pictured (clockwise from left): Weyes Blood; Drew Erickson (Weyes Blood, keys); Michael D’Addario (The Lemon Twigs); Tim Heidecker; Brian D’Addario (The Lemon Twigs); and Jonathan Rado (Foxygen).

Bonelang Masters the Home Studio

Samy.Language (l) and Matt Bones (r) of the alternative Chicago hip-hop group Bonelang built a studio at home for their newest album, SAINTMAKER. Of their home outfit, the duo said this, “We build studios as a side hustle, so we were able to build our apartment into a fully functional space. We’ve always been home studio guys.”


Hinayana Rocks Austin Signal

Metal outfit Hinayana recently took to the studio to finish up their new EP Death of The Cosmic, which will be released on Aug. 28. Here, the group’s drummer Daniel Vera tracks drums with engineer Kevin Butler at Austin Signal recording studio in Austin, TX.


Lily Takes Lunch at Narwhal Studios

British folk-singer Fenne Lily recently held a session at Narwhal Studios in Chicago, IL to work on her new album Breach, out on Sept. 18. To power through the late hours of the day, Lily and her band took a meal break. Pictured here, Lily’s bassist, Joe Sherrin, helps her out with a spoonful of pasta before they power on.


13-Year-Old Bedroom-Pop Singer Calls the Shots

Teen singer-songwriter Kaatii has kept herself busy during quarantine as she works toward becoming the next bedroom-pop icon. This photo was taken earlier this year with producer Eric Dash at his home studio in Beachwood Canyon, CA while working on Kaatii’s latest single “Swept Up.”


Lotus Finishes Free Swim at Spice House Sound

Instrumental-electronic quintet Lotus hit the studio last month at Spice House Sound in Philadelphia, PA. The group put the finishing touches on their 10th independent studio album Free Swim, entirely written and produced by the group’s Jesse and Luke Miller. Pictured here, Luke Miller records guitar for a track at the end of a long session.