Studio Mix: December 2020

Avalanches and Bridges at Sunset Sound

There is something astronomical about The Avalanches’ new album, We Will Always Love You, and it isn’t just the lead single “Interstellar Love,” which features Leon Bridges. The duo’s Robbie Chater met Bridges at Sunset Sound Studio in Los Angeles, and enthusiastically told him of the romance that exists in astrophysics.



Sumo Digital Equips with PMC Monitors

The U.K. award-winning game developer, Sumo Digital, has expanded its audio facilities with 5.1 surround sound edit suites and a Dolby Atmos mix room in Sheffield, England. All of the new audio facilities are equipped with PMC monitoring, ideal for detailed production design, while replicable in home theaters and studios. Since Sumo Digital’s formation 17 years ago, they have worked on many major franchises, such as Sonic The Hedgehog, LittleBigPlanet, Forza, Hitman and Dr. Who.

Ola Runt: Harder 2 Kill

Breakout Zone 6 Atlanta rapper, Ola Runt, is recording vocals on his latest release, Harder 2 Kill mixtape. As a teen, Ola’s father had a home recording studio built to keep him off the streets. The artist spent two years working andlearning in the studio before releasing any music, which quickly gained attention from local artists and DJs. Earlier in 2020, Gucci Mane executive produced his recent release, Beggin For a Body.

Jesse Kivel’s New Feelings

Dreamy pop singer-songwriter Jesse Kivel and his “studio assistant,” Russell, are seen in the New Feelings HQ in Owl’s Head, ME. Kivel’s children and family are present themes on the latest release, Infinite Jess, under his own New Feelings label. Kivel recruited help from friends in L.A.’s contemporary music scene: producer Joey Genetti, Sam Wilkes, Jeff Brodsky and Michael David.


Nervosa’s Perpetual Chaos

Perpetual Chaos, Nervosa’s upcoming album via Napalm Records, was recorded at Artesonao Casa de Grabación Studio in Málaga, Spain by Martin Furia, who also produced the new full-length by guitarist Prika Amaral. In the photo is guitarist Amaral and producer Martin Furia is at the board.

Derek Day at Strawhorse

Derek Day, the 24-year-old frontman of Classless Act with Slash’s son, London Hudson, has been busy writing, producing and touring on his own, including high-profile slots playing with Steve Vai, Living Colour, Steel Panther and Lynch Mob. Living Colour’s Vernon Reid served as a collaborator and producer on Day’s upcoming solo recordings. Shown (l-r): Reid, Day and engineer Thomas Ross Johansen, working together in Strawhorse Studios in L.A.

Jordan Riley Upgrades

Producer and songwriter Jordan Riley has upgraded his private studio in London by installing a pair of PMC twotwo6 monitors. Riley moved to London from North East England six years ago to study at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He worked with musicians and played in church bands, mixing live sound and working in local studios, including Blast Recording Studios in Newcastle. “Using real instruments is important to me, and I hate being tied down to my laptop with presets that everyone else has,” he explains.