SoundExchange Enables Creators to Receive Digital Royalties Through Venmo and Paypal

SoundExchange announced the addition of PayPal and Venmo as royalty distribution payment options for registered creators. SoundExchange is transforming how creators receive compensation for their musical work by distributing royalty payments easily and immediately into their bank accounts – one of the only organizations of its kind to do so. Along with Paypal and Venmo, last year SoundExchange began offering registered creators the choice of receiving royalty payments using CashApp and Zelle.
“SoundExchange is the only collective to offer creators the option of receiving royalties via mobile payments apps on a monthly basis,” said Michael Huppe, President and CEO of SoundExchange. “We always strive to meet creators where they are and to simplify their payments/compensation/royalties. By adding PayPal and Venmo to our suite of mobile app payment options, we continue to show what’s possible when adopting technologies and tools that streamline the business of music for all creators.”
Paypal and Venmo Available Immediately to Creators  
In order to sign up for either Paypal or Venmo, creators are encouraged to use SXDirect, which offers self-service opt-ins for all payment methods SoundExchange currently offers. For more information on how to use SXDirect to sign up for PayPal or Zelle payments, please read the step-by-step instructions here