Sony’s Pro Audio Solutions Enhance Grammy-Nominated Artist’s Sonic World

As someone who “swam the path of digital technology in the early days” and was an early adopter of Pro Tools, Richard Tozzoli is no stranger to pro audio. His musical transformation may have originally started in the business world of banking, but he would end up taking a diverse path as a Grammy-nominated composer, mixer and producer. With music on over 1800 TV series in 40 countries, his credits range from the NFL, FIFA World Cup Soccer and the MLB to such shows as Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, as well as programs including Pawn Stars, Swamp People and Forged In Fire. As an engineer/mixer, he’s also worked with a number of artists he grew up listening to, including Ace Frehley, Al DiMeola, Hall & Oates and David Bowie.

With a fully equipped home studio for his distinctive productions, Tozzoli blends traditional recording techniques with cutting-edge technology. Sony’s MDR-MV1 headphones and C-100 condenser microphone were the perfect addition to his line-up.

“Sony truly breaks boundaries for me,” says Tozzoli. “I literally rely on these two pieces of gear every day to get my work done. I use the Sony headphones because not only are they ultra-lightweight and incredibly comfortable, but more importantly, they sound amazing. In fact, I literally look forward to using them each day to mix, compose and edit. They are like having clouds on your head.”

He is also a big fan of changing environments when composing and recording. Working with a powerful mobile rig, he travels to the Virgin Islands yearly, recording for a variety of television shows and pushing the boundaries of the latest pro audio equipment. This year, Sony’s MDR-MV1’s made the trip. “I can recall that experience vividly because it felt so good to put those headphones on and to sit there with the sunrise looking out over the Caribbean and composing to that view.” He says.

The headphones also enhance his creativity and productivity. Because of their accuracy, he’s noted how he can hear tiny details such as reverbs and delays that get lost in a room while using speakers, or with other types of headphones. Tozzoli was so impressed with the MDR-MV1’s that he now has two pairs, to make sure anybody working alongside him hears exactly what he is hearing.

Aside from the headphones, he’s also a big fan of Sony’s microphones, especially the C-100. “I started with the classic Sony C-800G and have used that on several projects, including guitarist Romero and Al DiMeola.  But now I love the C-100 because they not only capture the lows and mids beautifully, but because of the second capsule, they have an amazing high frequency response.” he says. Aside from their clarity, he’s also impressed with their ability to take equalization and compression well, which allows him to push their boundaries in a mix.

“I love the C-100 so much that on a recent project for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, I had a pair flown to Budapest, Hungary where the Budapest Recording Orchestra was tracking the piece. I ended up using a huge amount of those two mics in the final mix, because they sounded that good. I also used them on the same piece to track Omar Hakim’s drums, using them as overheads, along with some C-80’s for the drums. We were both blown away by the sounds. We’re now mixing the piece in Atmos and Sony 360RA, so stand by for that!” says Tozzoli.

“Sony’s pro audio products really enhance your sonic world,” he adds. “You’re going to play better, you’re going to write better and you’re going to perform better. When it comes to creating music, Sony’s pro audio equipment is a definite must.”