Signing Story: Zachary Knowles

Hailing from Magnolia, TX, pop/R&B singer Zachary Knowles was bitten by the music bug at an early age when his mom forced him to do a talent show in the 7th grade. From then on, Knowles began throwing himself into music––collaborating with friend Tyler Ray on his time off from school and posting cover songs to SoundCloud. It wasn’t long before his music began to appear on people’s radar; in fact, once he started posting original work he racked up 25,000 streams almost immediately.

“I started to get on people's Discover Weekly on Spotify and stuff like that, it just grew,” Knowles recalls. “Then I met Carson [Oberg] with Fader [Label] which was crazy because I met him through Discover Weekly. He manages Shallou and they were looking for vocalists. He reached out and was like, ‘We’re looking for vocalists for a project for Shallou, I was wondering if you were interested,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, totally.’ So he showed me some songs, but it wound up not working out as I was out here and they were in LA.”

Nevertheless, Knowles kept in contact with Oberg through Instagram. Six months later, Knowles traveled to New York to meet his manager and reached out to Oberg to see if he would be in the area. As luck would have it, Oberg moved to New York to work with Fader and had some exciting news for Knowles.

“I thought we were just going to get coffee, then on the day when we were supposed to meet up, he asked me to come to the Fader office. I showed him some really rough demos and he loved them. That day he said, ‘Would you be comfortable with us talking to you about a deal.’ I was like, ‘Oh yeah, definitely.’ And within the next few months it turned into an eventual offer,” says Knowles.

The deal with Fader was a no-brainer to Knowles, “I really like what they’re all about. They have a smaller team, so I figured they would be more hands-on. I feel very comfortable with them and they've been super supportive. Carson loved the demos––listening back to them, they were so rough so it’s really cool to see how he saw potential in it.”

For now, Knowles is finishing his business degree from Texas A&M and is in the process of writing new music.

Date Signed: Sept. 3, 2019

Label: Fader Label

Type of Music: Pop, R&B

Management: Eric Parker

Booking: Matt Adler and Tom Windish - Paradigm

Legal: Jeff Koenig - Serling Rooks Hunter McKoy Worob Averill LLP

Publicity: Fader Label / Danger Village, [email protected]

Web: faderlabel.com/zachary-knowles

A&R: Carson Oberg