Signing Story: Matt Holubowski

Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Holubowski is a prime example of someone who defied convention and followed his dream. Just a few short years ago, after he landed a job teaching English in Taiwan, his life took a major turn. “I was living in Southeast Asia and was all set to stay at this job for a year,” says Holubowski. “But, I had an epiphany that I wanted to try this music thing. So, I got a plane ticket home and immediately started working on my first record.” What that required was intense focus in his native Montreal playing local bars, doing open mics and collaborating with whomever he could.

In 2014 he was invited to audition for Quebec’s version of the television show The Voice, which furthered his musical journey. “At
first I was reluctant to do it, but I actually made it to the finals,” explains Holubowski. “It gave me a jump start to what I was doing around Quebec.” The show’s producer Esther Teman also became his manager and their partnership has borne much fruit in the form of tour dates with Ben Folds, appearances at Bonnaroo and London’s Meltdown festivals, not to mention a deal with Canada’s Audiogram Records.

“I had a couple of offers from labels in Canada but Audiogram was most in line with my philosophy toward music,” says Holubowski. “They have a great history of putting out music for the quality first. They give complete control to their artists where I can put out the music I want and they will back me up.” Holubowski has three albums under his name, with the independently released Old Man followed by Audiogram releases Solitudes and the deluxe expanded package Solitudes (Epilogue).

The bilingual artist, who sings original songs in English and French, has been busy on the road for the last two years. “I’ve recorded some tracks in Paris for my next album, but I just have to catch my breath because we’ve been touring so much,” says Holubowski. “We’re just starting to arrange some dates for the U.S. in the fall so I’ll try to set some time aside to write when I can.”

Date Signed: Sept. 9, 2015
Label: Audiogram
Type of Music: Alternative/Singer-Songwriter
Management: Esther Teman, [email protected]
Booking: Andre Guerette - Paradigm Agency
Legal: N/A
Publicity: Greg Jakubik, [email protected]
Web: mattholubowski.com
A&R: N/A