Signing Story: Lonnie

Date Signed: August 2022

Label: Muse Group

Band Members: Lonnie

Management: Muse Group

Booking: Mark Cheatum - CAA

Legal: Greenburg Traurig, LLP

Publicity: Linda Carbone - Press Here Publicity

Web: officialmusegroup.com

A&R: Vincent Herbert, A. Wahab 

Since the inception of TikTok in 2018, a plethora of musicians have been discovered on the social media platform that has become an essential marketing tool for aspiring recording artists. Lonnie, an R&B singer from Orange County, CA, etched his name on the ever-growing list of budding stars when he began releasing songs like “Penelope” on his account in 2019. 

Initially, Lonnie’s entrepreneurial approach to creating content on other platforms, such as YouTube, led to his realization about the potential of monetizing original material. So, as “Penelope” garnered more attention online, Lonnie’s sister shared the track with DJ A-OH from Real 92.3, who subsequentially forwarded the track to the CEO at Muse Group, Vincent Herbert, and the rest is history.

“The day after [DJ] A-OH sent him the song, he was like, ‘Yo, I need to fly him out right now.’ So, he did and now we're here!” Lonnie recalls. “I recorded ‘One Night Stand’ in my bedroom with just me; I actually made the hook and some of the verse like 15 minutes before I hopped on the plane to get signed. I showed [Muse Group] that little demo, and they were like, ‘This is crazy.’ And now it's on the radio, so it's nuts!”

According to the young crooner, the decision to sign with Muse Group, back in August, was forged from a friendship and business relationship that evolved prior to making their partnership official.

“Muse was my home even before I signed, and Vincent really believed in me, so I could just tell something good was gonna come out of it,” Lonnie says. “All they do is treat me like family and I’m really appreciative of that and just love everybody in Muse. They allow me to do anything and just push out my ideas…They’re not trying to change me or make me into someone I’m not.”

In November, Lonnie dropped his follow-up single to “Penelope,” called “One Night Stand.” The R&B tune marked his official debut with Muse Group. As of January, the song garnered nearly one million views on YouTube and 500,000 plays on Spotify.

See Lonnie's video here: