Signing Story: JAX

Date Signed: January 2021

Label: Atlantic Records

Type of Music: Pop

Management: Eighteen Company / SB Projects

Booking: ICM

Legal: Feltcher & Freifeld LLP

Publicity: Liza Anderson - [email protected]

Web: jaxwritessongs.com

A&R: Adam Grossman & Aton Ben Horin

Jax’s journey is a lesson in trying new things while staying invested in what you love. Encouraged to pursue her passion for music from a young age, Jax (born Jackie Miskanic) was homeschooled to allow time to focus on her voice lessons, performances, recording and mini-tour schedules. Awarded the John Lennon Scholarship in songwriting after submitting a piece through a BMI contest, Jax was certified as a producer and engineer in Pro Tools and Avid, and then built her own studio with her winnings. She has since opened for Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Ke$ha, performed at Bamboozle and the Warped Tour, and has co-written with Natasha Bedingfield.

Thyroid cancer limited her singing in 2016, so Jax switched to songwriting, experiencing success with songs for Paris Hilton, Weezer and Big Freedia. Fast-forward to quarantine, she returned to her own music, posting funny (“dad pop”) music videos on TikTok. An overwhelming response to her first song, “Ring Pop,” catapulted her TikTok success—ultimately garnering over 500 million views and 6 million followers. As momentum on TikTok continued, Jax began getting industry attention, and when Atlantic Records reached out she was extremely excited. Speaking about Atlantic Chairwoman/COO, Julie Greenwald, Jax shared, “I've always been a fan of Greenwald, specifically because she's just such a badass! Atlantic has always nurtured artist careers for a long time.” 

The artist says Atlantic is always looking at ways to grow with projects, and that they really seem to care about the artists, and Jax is very pleased that her agreement leaves her in creative control of projects and ongoing TikTok posts, adding, “Not much has changed, other than the fact that I now have an awesome team to support what I’m doing.”

Jax shares that unproduced, authentic content can be very powerful. “I think there's power in just being yourself and being organic and putting yourself out there.” Latest single, “Like My Father,” has reached over 43 million views. “It's been a really, really cool couple of months for me to see one of my favorite pieces of work come to life.”