Signing Story: Hailey Haus

Date Signed: February 2021

Label: Arcade Records/Elektra Records

Type of Music: Pop

Management: Ben Klein and Sean Kane - Hundred Days

Booking: N/A

Legal: Denise J. Brown

Publicity: [email protected]

Web: @HaileyHaus

A&R: Tom Lee - Arcade Records, Caterina Nasr - Elektra Records

“I went from 0 to 100!” gasps Hailey Haus, a pop-music newcomer whose career is moving quicker than a viral TikTok video.

Throughout her teens, the singer-songwriter-producer felt like she was making music by herself for an eternity. Due to her father’s occupation as a preacher, Haus and her family frequently relocated across the U.S., and she found solace in laying down demos. Hundreds of them.

Eventually, “My family sat me down and said, ‘You need to actually release music. You need to put yourself out there and see what happens,’” Haus recalls. “So I put out one of my most raw, vulnerable songs into the world. It was a leap of faith.”

That song, “Anxiety”—based on a panic attack Haus suffered in 2019”— came out early the following year. On April 8, as the world was experiencing massive, collective anxiety amid the pandemic, Haus’ thematically apt song surfaced on a Spotify editorial playlist.

Sean Kane, one of Haus’ future managers at Hundred Days, noticed the Spotify playlist and spread “Anxiety” to his partner, Ben Klein, and Arcade Records A&R rep Tom Lee. (Arcade Records is a joint venture with Elektra.)

Haus’ trajectory continued at a rapid clip. She met Arcade chief and famed producer Gregg Wattenberg (John Legend, Tom Morello) in December 2020, cowrote some material with him, then signed to his label.

“We wrote my whole contract through Zoom and phone calls,” Haus remembers.

Less than two years later, she continues picking up speed. A snippet of her second single, “Flavor of the Month,” drew a gobsmacking 9 million views on TikTok ahead of the song’s proper release in mid-June.

With her career soaring, Haus is committed to working hard and living in a state of gratitude.

“All these people believed in me before there was metric evidence,” Haus says, noticing that her biggest booster—her dad—just called. “My goal now is to work even harder and show [my team] that I was worth the investment.”