Signing Story: Goldpark

Date Signed: April 21, 2020

Label: Hazel Street Records

Type of Music: Indie Rock

Band Members: Wes Hunter, Andrew Smith, Kyle Neblett

Management: Brad Parker - TBD Management

Booking: N/A

Legal: Matt Cottingham - Ritholz Levy Fields LLP

Publicity: Ashley White - Ashley White PR

Web: goldparkband.com

A&R: Bruce Kalmick - Hazel Street Records

When Wes Hunter started writing “Morning Light” from his apartment in Madison, TN, he had no idea that his indie-rock song was going to help lay the foundation for what would become the inaugural single for an upstart indie label, one year later. But unpredictability has become the underlining norm for the lead singer of Goldpark and his bandmates.

Upon moving to Nashville in 2019, Hunter met guitar player Andrew Smith and percussionist Kyle Neblett. The newly formed trio made a demo so impressive it attracted the attention of Bruce Kalmick and Laura Bender from Hazel Street Records. The two signed Goldpark to a record deal in April of 2020, despite the fact that no one had ever seen all three members play a live show together.

“The move to sign with Hazel Street was almost a no brainer. From day one their mission was to launch a rock & roll band and we couldn’t say no,” says Hunter. “Getting to have a personal relationship with Bruce (CEO) and Laura (General Manager) from the start definitely helped form our confidence that this was going to be a partnership. The initial plan was to make a record and tour for the foreseeable future until we felt we were ready to go to radio. Once the pandemic hit, though, we really had to regroup and figure out how to build a band without the road. I couldn’t be more grateful to Hazel Street for committing to us in such an uncertain time."

In lieu of a traditional developmental phase and a nation-wide tour, Hazel Street Records decided to release a slew of fresh content from their new band. Although Covid-19 temporarily derailed the indie label’s plans for a rollout, it didn’t stop them from enhancing Goldpark’s searchability online with a strong social media push and three music videos.

Goldpark’s most recent release is an alternative rock song called, “Beautiful Desperation.” The band’s EP, One, comes out on August 20th.