Signing Story: Felicity

Date Signed: Feb. 8, 2021

Label: Adventure Cat Records

Band Members: Damien Fagiolino, lead vocals; Andrew Rapier, guitar; Cory Nicholas, guitar; Mike Alosa, bass; Tyler Dennett, drums

Type of Music: Alternative Rock

Management: Dayna Travers, Katy Cooper - Brightly Management

Legal: Alexander J. Ploegsma, Esq. - Ploegsma & Shulman, LLP

Publicity: Becky Kovach, [email protected]

Web: wearefelicity.com

A&R: Matthew J. Clarke

From Orlando FL, Felicity is a band that has many things to be thankful for. They are signed to a new label, have partnered with an invested management team and have been going strong in their current incarnation for over five years now. But, perhaps, one of their biggest accomplishments is encapsulated in their present song “Hit and Run.”  That and upcoming single “Pendulum” are part of a marketing plan where they are releasing a new song monthly, leading up to their official full-length album this summer.

Formed in 2014, Felicity released their first independent self-titled album in 2015. “We followed that with an EP Brace Yourself in 2016, with producer Andrew Wade,” recalls Cory Nicholas. “That was our first really professional experience in a recording studio, with someone who knew how to write hit songs. We learned a lot from him. We spent the next year, essentially, writing the EP Old Habits. We went even further into the recording process with Wade. We released a music video for every song on that EP.”

On the strength of Old Habits, Australian indie label Penultimate reached out to the band. That relationship, in addition to steady posting and promotion through Spotify and YouTube, got them the attention of Dayna Travers of Brightly Management. “About two years ago Dayna was on Spotify and heard one of our songs on a curated playlist,” says Nicholas. “She loved the song, checked out our profile and started listening to all our music. She reached out to Penultimate about us. And then it was probably a year or so of us updating her on everything we were doing. When we went into the studio to record our full-length album she proposed managing us.”

Brightly Management assisted in the band’s pitching to labels, with Adventure Cat being one of the first that they contacted. “After we talked to some of the usual suspects, a lot of record labels were not signing any new bands until 2021,” says Andrew Rapier. 2020 was a hard year for many unsigned bands because, without touring, it was really hard for many of the labels to see a return on their investment. But Adventure Cat really believed in us and their resume speaks for itself. At the end of the day we wanna work with a team that believes in us as much as we believe in ourselves.”