Signing Story: Dorothy

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Dorothy Martin received the call of a lifetime one morning while eating a bowl of cereal in Los Angeles. Soon she was meeting with mentor Jay Z, and later snagged her band a record deal with Roc Nation. And everything had started with a DIY music video. Martin was initially approached with a pub deal––a legal agreement where a musician allows publishers the use of written material for other artists. But footage of a stripped-down “After Midnight” dress rehearsal exuded such good vibes, the four rockers were immediately offered their own label contract. Martin didn’t think twice.

“I really trust my gut. I met with other executives in the past, and it was always very sterile and uncomfortable. Jay was so cool, it felt like family. It felt organic.”

Which proves helpful when Martin gets antsy and craves immediate one-on-one inspiration and advice. Such mutual understanding allows her to confront uncharted industry obstacles with an open mind: “The most difficult challenge for me was to be patient––I want results now. I’ve had my freak-outs, but [the team] calms me down.”

“I met with other executives in the past, and it was always very sterile.”

Most importantly, Roc Nation encourages the band to continue experimenting and evolving creatively. Martin hasn’t lost her sense of individuality although she’s no longer working solo.

She explains, “I’m really glad nobody’s tried forcing me into a box of something else with the band, because I’d be kicking and screaming. I’m very rebellious, and I wouldn’t like to be molded into something else–– something that I’m not. I wouldn’t be able to stand for that.”

Finally, Martin can always rely on the support of manager George Robertson, whose expertise drove the band’s eventual success: “There’s only so much that I know. How to deal with [proper business] ––I can thank George for that. He has worn so many different hats [and] always has great ideas.”

The band is currently touring with Miguel and recording their debut studio album.