Signing Story: Cassidy Paris

Date Signed: January 2023 

Label: Frontiers 

Type of Music: Hard Rock 

U.S. Publicity: Dustin Hardman 


A&R: Alessandro Del Vecchio 

Australian rocker Cassidy Paris may still be in her early twenties, but she’s on a mission to make anthemic hard rock cool again—to take the music to a young audience. There are elements of Pat Benatar, Lita Ford and Vixen to her infectious tunes, but there’s a contemporary pop edge that allows it to sound fresh. 

She has strong roots. Thanks to a musician father, Paris has been around music her whole life and she began learning guitar when she was about four. 

“Singing came a little bit later on and that was kind of around the same time that I knew I wanted to take this seriously and take this further,” Paris says. “Our good friend Paul Lane, ex-Danger Danger, he came down for some shows in Australia. Then I started taking singing lessons and things like that. That’s when we really started to get the ball rolling and things started to happen.” 

Paris’ new single is called “Danger,” which is appropriate, given that she has worked with Paul Lane, and fellow Danger Danger alum Bruno Ravel. That hair/glam metal vein runs through all of her work. 

“It’s very ‘80s infused but it’s a modern take on your favorite ‘80s rock artists,” Paris says. “I’m very inspired by people like Vixen, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, and then I love bands like Halestorm so I love the heavier side of things, as well. My dad’s been able to show me the ropes.” 

It’s entirely appropriate that Paris signed a deal with Frontiers, a label that specializes in hard rock and glam metal. 

“I sent over ‘Danger,’ my newest single that was released two weeks ago now, to Frontiers and they really digged the sound that I was going for,” she says. “Everything started from there. Frontiers has been a record label that has supported and produced so many different artists that I love. They have some people working with me that are very knowledgeable as well.” 

Paris’s debut album is New Sensation, and the themes covered include the bullying that she suffered in high school. 

“I describe high school as a bit of a war zone for me because people didn’t really understand what I stood for, and a rock chick now in Melbourne Australia is a little bit more of a rarity,” she says. “People weren’t very kind to me in high school and I wrote about it and channeled it into my music, and I think ultimately I’m glad that I did experience that because I feel like I’m a stronger person and I got a really good song out of it as well.” 

She’s sure showing them!