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SESAC Honors Music Composers and Publishers with Annual Awards

SESAC Rights Management is paying tribute to its creators with its annual Film & Television Composer Awards. The honorees were announced today on SESAC.com and across the organization’s social media platforms, celebrating the affiliates’ achievements of the past year. The online celebration honored music composers in the categories of film, streaming media, cable television, network television and local television.

“It’s been an extraordinarily challenging year for all music creators. This year, more than ever, it’s important that we pause to recognize the excellence of our film and television composers. Without their outstanding contributions to the creative process, the movies and television shows we love would be only a shadow of what they are,” said John Josephson, Chairman and CEO, SESAC Rights Management. “We’re beyond thrilled to honor our talented composers and publishers and look forward to celebrating their many accomplishments for years to come.”

“Film and television music is the best it’s ever been, thanks to our wonderful composers. While we miss celebrating with them in person this year, their incredible work continues and inspires us all,” said Erin Collins, SESAC’s Vice President Film, Television, and Developing Media.

Among the honorees, Christophe Beck was honored for his film composition of Frozen IIDaniel Lopatin for Uncut GemsAndy Grush and Taylor Stewart of The Newton Brothers for Dr. Sleep; and Randy Newman for Marriage Story and Toy Story 4. In other categories, more than 40 television composers, including Danny LuxDennis C. BrownEvan FrankfurtGabriel Mann and Jon Ehrlich, were honored, recognizing the compositions to some of the industry’s most highly-rated shows to include A Million Little ThingsGrey’s AnatomyGolf on CBS, The Late Late Show with James CordenThe InspectorsRachael RayThe Resident, and 48 Hours to name only a few.

Watch video remarks from this year’s Film & TV Award recipients on a special webpage (https://www.sesac.com/FilmTVAwards2020) SESAC created for its family of affiliates and fans.

Below is a full list of honorees:

Christophe Beck: Frozen II
The Newton Brothers (Andy Grush): Dr. Sleep
The Newton Brothers (Taylor Stewart): Dr. Sleep
Randy Newman: Marriage Story, Toy Story 4
Daniel Lopatin: Uncut Gems
Andy Grush
Bruce Miller
Christophe Beck
Christopher Tyng
Danny Lux
Gabriel Mann
Jason Derlatka
Jon Ehrlich
Matt Mariano
Taylor Stewart

CABLE Television
Ben Zebelman
Bruce Miller
Christophe Beck
Christopher Tyng
Craig Sharmat
Danny Lux
Dennis C. Brown
Devin Powers
Donnie Johnston
Jeff Garber
John Swihart
Phil Bright
Richard Bowers

NETWORK Television 
Andrew Growcott: Card Sharks
Danny Lux: Grey’s Anatomy, Manifest, The Good Wife   
David Dachinger: PGA Tour Golf
Evan Frankfort: The Champion Within, The Voyager with Josh Garcia, Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer, Innovation Nation, Consumer 101, Vets Saving Pets, Dr. Chris Pet Vet, Pet Vet Dream Team, The Inspectors, Tails of Valor, Wilderness Vet
François Hasden: 48 Hours
Gabriel Mann: A Million Little Things, Modern Family
Guillermo Brown: The Late Late Show with James Corden
Hagar Ben Ari: The Late Late Show with James Corden
Jason Derlatka: The Resident
Jon Ehrlich: The Resident 
Michael Egizi: CBS Promos
Paul Buckley: Odd Squad
Sean Motley: The Voyager with Josh Garcia 
Steven Scalfati: The Late Late Show with James Corden
Tim Mosher: Card Sharks
Tim Young: The Late Late Show with James Corden
Trevor Howard: The Inspectors

Five Hundred South Songs: Grey’s Anatomy, A Million Little Things
Fox Tunes Inc: Modern Family, The Resident
FRC Music Publishing: Odd Squad     
Melywork Music: 48 Hours
Music Box Street: Card Sharks
Must See Music: Late Night with Seth Meyers
Radical Rob Tunes: PGA Tour Golf, Golf on CBS
Songfair Inc: CBS Promos, The Late Late Show with James Corden
Warner Hollywood Music LLC: Manifest
Zoo to You Music: Consumer 101, Did I Mention Invention?, Dr. Chris Pet Vet, Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dryer, Hidden Heroes, Hope in the Wild, Innovation Nation, Journey with Dylan Dreyer, Lucky Dog, Pet Vet Dream Team, Tails of Valor, The Champion Within, The Inspectors, The Open Road with Dr. Chris, The Voyager with Josh Garcia, Vets Saving Pets, Wilderness Vet

LOCAL Television
Bob DeMarco: Extra, The Doctors
David Catalano: Maury
Dennis C. Brown: Two and a Half Men            
Devin Powers: Couples Court with the Cutlers, Paternity Court, Whacked Out Sports
Evan Frankfort: Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin
Fernando Corona: Suelta la Sopa
Gabriel Mann: Modern Family
Glenn Sherman: Maury
John Swihart: How I Met Your Mother
Mauricio Arriaga: Sin Tu Mirada
Michael Egizi: DailyMailTV, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Hot Bench, Inside Edition, Rachael Ray
Paul Buckley: 2 Broke Girls

29 New Tunes Publishing: The Doctors
AND Syndicated Productions Inc: Extra
Anthem Test Vision Music: The King of Queens
Beginning to Roar: Couples Court with the Cutlers, Paternity Court 
Fox Tunes Inc: How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, White Collar
Jillian DVG Music: Maury
ME6121 Publishing: Dr. Phil
Musica Telemundo: Noticiero Telemundo, Suelta la Sopa
ole TV Avenue Music: The Goldbergs 
Songfair Inc: DailyMailTV, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Entertainment Tonight, Face the Truth, Hot Bench, Rachael Ray 
Sony ATV Sounds LLC: Jeopardy!
Soundcast Music: Despierta America
Warner Hollywood Music LLC: 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men
Whack Two Publishing: Whacked Out Sports
Zoo to You Music: Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin