Ryan Beatty in Nashville

Ryan Beatty returned to Nashville on Monday as part of the Calico World Tour. The 28-year-old artist is on his first big tour in years, and his allure has only grown since then. 

In 2011, 15-year-old Ryan Beatey first started gaining popularity with his cover songs on YouTube, leading to the release of his first single and a nationwide tour with Cody Simpson. He released his debut EP Because of You in 2012. Despite having all the necessary ingredients for a pop-star career, Ryan recalls the downfalls of his start in music. “Being young I was just really underestimated and I remember never really being taken seriously,” he explained to Notion (notion.online/ryan-beatty). Feeling unsatisfied, Ryan fired his management team in 2013 and began the process of starting over. 

Now boasting over half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, Ryan has become a champion of self-expression. He released his debut album Boy in Jeans in 2018, followed by Dreaming of David in 2020. His latest release, Calico, is a raw, vulnerable work that shows off Ryan's songwriting ability, and folks are flocking to it. 

Fans lined the streets of East Nashville hours before showtime for the chance to see Ryan Beatty up close and personal. However, the night was so intimate that even watching from the back was a sacred experience. He and his band got comfortable in their seats on stage and gave what felt like a studio-session-type experience.

Ryan explained that, while feeling a little under the weather, he was excited to perform. Though, “perform” doesn’t really seem like the right word for it. Ryan’s show feels more like hanging out in your buddy’s basement with friends you’re so comfortable with that you feel no need to show off. It’s relaxed, and Ryan lets the music speak for itself.  “I’m okay with silence,” he explained. “I don’t feel pressure to fill every silence and I hope you guys are okay with that.” 

The sold-out venue was certainly okay with that as fans listened in an admiring quiet, singing along to their favorite songs while respecting the delicacy of the moment. Ryan took them on a journey through Calico, performing hits like “Bruises Off the Peach” and “White Teeth,” and featured earlier favorites such as “Powerslide.” 

Ryan’s US Tour continues through March 15 before he takes it across the pond for a special night at the Alexandra Palace Theatre. 

Learn more at ryanbeatty.com


  1. Ribbons
  2. Bruises Off the Peach
  3. Cinnamon Bread
  4. Andromeda
  5. Bright Red
  6. Haircut
  7. Powerslide
  8. Backseat
  9. Casino
  10. Hunter
  11. Multiple Endings
  12. White Teeth
  13. Little Faith