Rhythms of the City

Rhythms of the City: 100+ Musicians Perform in a 40-Room Vacant Hotel

As immigrants from all over the world have relocated to Los Angeles to build new lives, they’ve brought their musical heritage with them. RHYTHMS OF THE CITY will honor this musical diversity uniting jazz, Afro-Cuban pop, opera, blues, Spanish guitar and more, into a collective musical performance. Through the music’s shared refrain, a love song to Los Angeles will be created.

This immersive, site-specific experience will fuse various styles of live music and dance into a simultaneous performance that will transform a three-story building into a musical instrument. Grammy-winning composer Heitor Pereira is creating the musical score for RHYTHMS OF THE CITY.

From Friday, Nov. 8, to Sunday, Nov. 10, Art At The Rendon presents RHYTHMS OF THE CITY, a live collaborative performance featuring more than 100 musicians at The Rendon, 2055 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

100% of proceeds go to Play With Music, a nonprofit that provides music education for underserved Los Angeles youth.

This is a limited run event, open to the public. Tickets ($35) are available through Eventbrite.