HOSA Hopscotch music gear review

Music Gear Review: Hosa Technology Hopscotch Patch Cables

Hosa Technology has the CMM-500Y Series Hopscotch Patch Cables. Designed for modular synthesizers and Euro Rack modules, the new CMM-500Y Series is a Y-cord that enables users to split a signal at its output and send it to two inputs at the same time.

Sometimes creating unique modular synthesizer sounds requires the signal to connect in and out of one module. The Hosa Hopscotch Patch Cables include a short pigtail with a female 3.5 mm TS jack at one end of the cable. This makes it possible to route the same output signal to two destinations. The pigtail design moves the jack far enough away from the connector—where space is limited—but close enough to identify the output to which it is connected.

Hopscotch Patch Cables feature oxygen-free copper wire, flexible spiral shielding and nickel-plated plugs. The plugs are slim enough to use in any modular synthesizer rig without interfering with other cables or controls.

Hopscotch Patch Cables are color-coded by length. The CMM-545Y kit consists of five yellow, 1.5-foot (45 cm) cables. Or go with an assortment of lengths with the CMM-500Y-MIX kit that includes one of each of the following cables: red 6-inch (15 cm), orange 1-foot (30 cm), yellow 1.5-foot (45 cm), green 2-foot (60 cm) and blue 3-foot (90 cm).

Either kit sells for $34.95 each.


BARRY RUDOLPH is a recording engineer/mixer who has worked on over 30 gold and platinum records. He has recorded and/or mixed Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hall & Oates, Pat Benatar, Rod Stewart, the Corrs and more. Barry has his own futuristic music mixing facility and loves teaching audio engineering at Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, CA. He is a lifetime Grammy-voting member of NARAS and a contributing editor for Mix Magazine. barryrudolph.com