New Toys: PSP Impressor Plug-in

Much more than an update, PSP's Impressor is a refined version of PSP's MixPressor with resizable GUI, oversampling, a choice of feed forward or feedback compression modes and, notably, a sophisticated side-chain/filter system. With it, you can crossfade between external and internal side-chain signals. I liked the Monitor/Listen button to quickly set the side-chain filter type, its frequency center and Q. You can use the Impressor as a de-esser or to reduce pumping of your mix caused by bass-heavy kick drums.

PSP Impressor emulates the classic characteristics of compressors with valve and opto-electronic circuits as well as classic modern compressors that use VCAs. It is easy to setup very precise attack, release, and hold times and get accurate measurements of gain reduction, both input and output levels to sculpt the shape, nature and strength of the compression.

I found Impressor to be very versatile for any dynamic modification task such as de-essing, smooth and gentle leveling, serious limiting, and wacky side-chain trickery. It can be very colorful sounding using the Saturation mode on its output or engage the quadruple oversampling for the most pristine processing for mastering. I understand all of its power and cannot wait to get it into my mixes!

A great value, PSP Impressor joins PSP Saturator as two, brand new great–sounding tools from my friends in war-adjacent Warsaw, Poland. PSP Impressor sells for $99 as a download and current users of the PSP MixPack bundle will receive a 70% discount.