FAR-West Marketing

Promote and Market Yourself at FAR-West

The Folk Alliance Region-West (FAR-West) is holding a conference this fall from Oct. 10-13 in Woodland Hills, CA.

There are a number of ways to promote yourself whether or not you are attending the conference:

Program Book Ads

One of the most lasting advertising opportunities at the FAR-West conference is an ad in their annual program book. This professionally-designed book contains all of the activities for the entire conference and also includes a directory of all attendees.  This means that people refer to it during the conference and keep it to refer to afterward. Purchase it through the donate button on their website. Deadline to submit ad artwork is Friday, September 6. See all specs and available ad sizes at far-west.org/programbook.html

Tote Bag Inserts and Sponsorships 

For only $110, you can be a Tote Bag sponsor and get your name or logo on the Tote Bag itself, as well as including an insert in the bag! For only $65, you can insert an item in the Tote Bag that will be given to every conference attendee. The item can be anything you wish - from one-sheets or postcards to unique promotional items, or CDs.  For more Tote Bag informationclick here. The deadline for submitting artwork for Tote Bag Sponsors is August 30th.

Your presence at a table in our Networking Center

The FAR-West Networking Center is the hub of business connections among performers, presenters and those who offer music industry businesses. Our Networking Center is the place where you have the greatest potential to network and share information. Tables can be reserved at $55 for a half table or $90 for a full table. Besides displaying posters, music, or other merchandise, you can also set up laptops, tablets, or mp3 players (with headphones, please) to share your music or performances. Electrical hookups are available for $10.

If you provide your own hotspot, you can set your laptop or tablet to your YouTube channel, Digital Press Kit, or website. And if you need to be elsewhere during Networking Center hours, you can add on a Booth Buddy or two (Booth Buddies have access to the Networking Center and Official Showcases only). The deadline for reserving a Networking Center table is Sept 12th. More Information: far-west.org/networking2019.html.

Marketing Discounts20% off each item when you choose 2 or more of the identified items. 

In an effort to help keep costs down for attendees, FAR-West is offering a 20% discount on 2 or more items, purchased at the same time, either when you register or at a later date. Items include:

Tote bag inserts
Networking Center tables
Any program book ad 1/2 page or larger (except the color covers)

Just select your items on the Opportunities page on your registration and enter the code 2fer in the boxes beside the items you choose. Please Note that FAR-West cannot make adjustments for items purchased on separate transactions.

Lastly, there is the FAR-West Raffle.

If you have a business, service, or item that you want to get out in front of our attendees, our raffle is a great place for it! A favorite part of the conference, our raffle gives folks the opportunity to offer a service or item as a fun way to promote themselves while giving back to our community. The money raised goes to a good cause, the Roz & Howard Larman Memorial Scholarship, which helps musicians with a financial difficulty who may not otherwise be able to attend our conference. More Information and who to contact to make a raffle donation can be found at this link.