Product Profile: Neumann KH 150 Bi-amplified Studio Monitor 

The Neumann KH 150 is a bi-amplified studio monitor built to deliver reference-grade performance that belies its compact size. The speaker is based around a 6.5-inch woofer that features a newly designed DSP engine. The Neumann KH 150 has both analog and standard SPDIF inputs and features a ported design based around Neumann’s infinite baffle design, which is highly efficient in dispersing heat. Stereo imaging using the Neumann KH 150 is, as you may expect, excellent.

Built to super-tight tolerances and designed to outperform anything in its class, the Neumann KH150 studio monitor is an upgrade over the previously released Neumann KH-120 A, not only in size and design. The Neumann KH 150 delivers impressive specs and new features and enhancements far beyond a larger woofer. The Neumann KH 150 represents a new generation of Neumann monitors, which is fundamentally based around the loudspeaker’s DSP. The result is extreme consistency, tight tolerances, more sophisticated limiting, and extremely low latency. 

The Neumann KH 150 sits between the Neumann KH 120 II two-way speaker and the Neumann KH-310 three-way speaker. The Neumann KH 150 is built into a newly designed composite-based polycarbonate housing that is both lighter and stronger than the aluminum housing used in previous Neumann KH series speaker designs. Due to the KH 150’s extremely tight design tolerances, each speaker is virtually a matched pair with any other Neumann KH 150 speaker. 

The Neumann KH 150 is engineered to deliver highly flat linear accurate sonic responses across the entire audio spectrum, which makes it ideal for both nearfield and midfield applications in small-to-mid-sized studios. The KH 150’s 6.5-inch woofer, the result of over three years of intensive research and development, has been integrated into a meticulously engineered 20-liter bass reflex cabinet, allowing the monitor to achieve impressively deep and tight bass response down to 39Hz and a maximum SPL of 118.7dB. Meanwhile, a specially designed 1-inch tweeter delivers crystal clear high range frequencies up to 21kHz. Powered, respectively, by 145 watts and 100 watts of energy-efficient Class D bi-amplification and assisted by Neumann’s proprietary Mathematically Modeled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide, these deliver unerring sonic accuracy over a broad sweet spot, while minimizing desk reflections. 

The Neumann KH 150 is a full-range loudspeaker capable of reproducing tight low end bass response. That said, depending on your source content, you may or may not need a subwoofer to fully exploit the potential of the speaker. The back of the Neumann KH-150 has a full complement of acoustical controls to help you dial in frequency response and output level based on your specific room application. For multi-speaker or immersive audio configurations, Neumann offers the KH 750, a DSP driven, network controllable subwoofer. For networking applications, Neumann offers the KH 750 AES67. The KH 750 DSP can only receive an audio signal via analog or AES3 (S/PDIF compatible). Audio-over-IP is not possible; the network port is only for control. For Audio-over-IP, you need the Neumann KH 750 AES67 variant.

The Neumann KH 150 is also available as an AES67 version for IP networkable connectivity. Neumann’s available MA 1 software makes it easy to fine tune your monitor system in whatever configuration you have the KH 150’s deployed. The Neumann KH 150 is designed to be fully networkable over a standard ethernet network using the software. This makes it practical to configure the multiple KH 150’s for Dolby, immersive audio systems, etc. For alignment of surround or immersive setups via MA 1 you need Multichannel Extension for MA 1, which is now available. If the control switch on the back of the KH 150 switch is in the Network position, the loudspeaker responds to settings you have configured via the MA1 Automatic Monitor Alignment software. Note that if you remove the network cable, the current settings will stay active. This feature is useful if you want to temporarily use the loudspeaker in a location other than the studio you might currently be working in. 

To save energy, the Neumann KH-150 will go into auto standby mode after a user configurable period. The Neumann Logo will glow red if the speakers are overloaded. Neumann offers a range of available accessories which are deigned to fit the thread on the back of the speakers, and which allows them to be placed in a raised position on your desktop or mounted on walls. The Neumann KH 150 is available in anthracite and white for both for the regular version and for the AES67 variant.

Bottom line, the Neumann KH 150 delivers a huge sound for its size, has amazing midrange response, and can be effectively used as a near-field or mid-field monitor for both stereo and immersive audio applications. The KH 150, due to its relatively small size and weight, makes it a desirable choice for travelling engineers. The KH 150’s extremely flat linear response and overall consistency also make them an excellent choice for mastering sessions.

The Neumann KH 150 is a thoroughly modern and professional studio monitor and is immensely capable, despite its relatively small size. A masterpiece of industrial design, the Neumann KH 150 is currently one of the best nearfield monitors you can buy. With the Neumann KH 150, you really can hear details in your music that you might otherwise be missing. If you are a professional mix or mastering engineer and are considering upgrading your monitor system, the Neumann KH 150 is well worth checking out.

The Neumann KH 150 is available now for $1,750 per speaker.

Find out more at neumann.com/en-en/products/monitors/kh-150