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Polyphia at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA

Dallas, TX instrumental outfit Polyphia closed their U.S. tour with CHON at the sold-out Troubadour in Los Angeles. In all honesty, this reviewer was curious about how one would fare with a live show featuring music with no vocals, but it can certainly be done.

Hot off the heels of their sophomore release, Renaissance, in March, Polyphia's new music has lightened up from its heavier roots (and with vocalists). The trio packaged their newest stuff artistically, made it more about the listening, the journey and the art. This translated into their live show as well.

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Polyphia's set consisted of new songs from Renaissance--"Culture Shock," "Crush" and more--as well as old favorites such as "James Franco" and "Finale." Altogether, the band and the music was mellow yet captivating. Bassist Clay Gober was constantly head banging and got the crowd going while guitarists Tim Henson and Scott LePage emitted a more subtle energy, harmonizing their guitar duets.

New listeners will be able to digest and appreciate the music for what it is. It's definitely got the rock element to it, but it also has a commercial appeal to it. There doesn't need to be a crazy mosh pit or crowd surfing to cement acceptance of the band. Each member of the band is a skilled player, technically and passionately--their intricate finger work and tapping will entice any audience. They play with such dexterity and finesse that it's mesmerizing.

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For more information, visit polyphiasound.com.

Text and photo by Siri Svay

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