PledgeMusic & INDMUSIC Empower Indie Musicians


PledgeMusic, the leading direct-to-fan music platform, today announced a strategic partnership with YouTube's largest music Multi-channel Network, INDMUSIC. Now, indie musicians on the PledgeMusic platform can opt into the INDMUSIC network to collaborate with the foremost experts on music rights, monetization and fan development on YouTube.

INDMUSIC showcased its capabilities during the 'Harlem Shake' phenomenon by quickly implementing a behind-the-scenes strategy to drive direct sales from knock-off videos and claim rights for the 'Harlem Shake' single on behalf of Baauer and label Mad Decent. INDMUSIC's efforts helped Harlem Shake secure the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for five weeks.

"Partnering with INDMUSIC brings an exciting new monetization channel to our robust direct-to-fan toolkit and offers artists the opportunity to better promote and disseminate their music on YouTube," says PledgeMusic Founder and CEO Benji Rogers. "INDMUSIC is using YouTube's monetization tools and best practices to help independent musicians take advantage of the largest streaming music source in the world."

"PledgeMusic already integrates artists' social media channels like Facebook and Twitter into their offering so it's a natural and obvious extension to build a YouTube strategy into the equation," said Brandon Martinez, CEO of INDMUSIC. "This partnership provides a pathway for artists to move from artistic conception, through funding and promotion, and directly to monetization, and we look forward to empowering artists in this way with PledgeMusic as a partner.

Future plans include direct integration of PledgeMusic's platform to deliver music directly to YouTube, fully monetized, upon release.