Pepe Aguilar and Aguilar Family at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA

When it comes to musical families, the Aguilars are one of the most iconic especially in Los Angeles, CA and Mexico. Latin music legend Pepe Aguilar brought his Jaripeo Sin Fronteras show to the Staples Center on Saturday night. For one night the arena was transformed into a rodeo with live music, bulls and horses. The area where the floor seats would typically be was covered with dirt. On one side was a stage for the orchestra and on the other side fences were put up making a rodeo bull pen. This three-hour spectacular started off with Aguilar’s, 19-year old, Latin Grammy-nominated son, Leonardo, performing his first two songs on horseback and then on foot. Before each performer came out, the jumbo-tron displayed an intro video. In between the first two performances was a bull-riding competition of America Vs. Mexico where the rider had to remain on the bull for eight seconds to score. The second performer was Aguilar’s 15-year old daughter, Angela, who is one of the youngest Grammy Nominated artists today. Angela came out seated in a carriage and sang as she cruised around the track. After two songs Angela made her way up to the stage singing with the orchestra.

Before the next performer came out there was a championship horse rider that performed rope tricks and trick riding. The third performer of the night was Aguilar’s older brother, Antonio Aguilar Jr. who also came out and performed on horseback. This was the type of show which would have been fun for any age and whether you’re fluent in Spanish or don’t know a word, this is an incredible show to see and is full of Mexican-American heritage and culture. This was truly a one of a kind performance.

The bullfight took place after Antonio's performance. The rodeo clowns would taunt the bulls then escape and even jumped over a charging bull. Once the bulls were back in the pen there was another horse trick rider. Closing out the show was none other than Pepe Aguilar himself. Being the son of Latin acting/singing legends, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre and also performing with them at the age of three at Madison Square Garden, he was destined to be a great performer. Over 30 years ago the Aguilar brothers and their parents toured across the Americas, bringing the very first Latin equestrian show to each stop. The Aguilars have been proudly carrying on this tradition with their second consecutive year of Jaripeo Sin Fronteras.

Before Aguilar came out, all the bulls and horses in the pen were removed from the arena. Once the grounds were clear Aguilar came out on horseback. When Aguilar came out there was something magical about it. Being a multi-Grammy and Latin Grammy winner and one of Mexico’s biggest artists today it was a real honor to see Aguilar. Like his son and brother, he performed on horseback than on foot. It was an extraordinary evening and a must-see event.

Aguilar’s tour runs through September with stops in Southern and Northern California, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Illinois and Washington.