KBV Music Uses Artist-Focused Approach

TonyVerderosaPresident, KBV Music
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It is easy for an artist to get lost in the shuffle of a music library, KBV Music President Tony Verderosa points out. Like being signed to a major label, an artist or song can easily become overlooked when the model calls for holding a vast selection just in case something there fits a particular project.

Verderosa set up KBV Music, a hybrid company established to produce, provide and release soundtracks and scores for the TV and film industry, and the newly launched KBV Records as a distinct philosophy change.  “We’ve gone back to basics,” Verderosa explains. “We are not interested in having 50 million pieces of music. KBV is client and artist focused.”

The company’s philosophy leads to Verderosa and the team he leads being very selective about which artists find a home at KBV. “I have a good sense of whether a song will stand the test of time,” says the hands-on executive. “If someone is playing in front of me, I have a good sense of whether there’s something there. We have to be really careful about quality.”

As someone who has worked as a musician with such big names as Katy Perry, Joe Perry and Dream Theater, Verderosa feels he has developed a solid commercial ear. Though KBV puts most of its emphasis on the still-growing world of film and TV, Verderosa notes that finding a song for placement isn’t all that different from recognizing a good pop hit. “For the types of productions we work, there’s no difference,” he says. “We’re very adept at editing a 4-minute hit down to a 30-second hit.”

Despite their success with multimedia placements, KBV Records is first and foremost a label. As Verderosa says proudly, “We’re moving our emphasis back to the studio where I can work with the musicians I love.”